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DoubleClick For Publishers


DoubleClick for Publishers is an SAS platform which allows publishers to serve all ads from one place, manage ad sales. The SAS platform is also called ad serving also can deploy video and native ads.


  • Native Ad Serving
  • Video Ad Serving
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Revenue Optimization

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Google

  • Headquarter:

  • Full Address:


This application is an excellent option for monetization of a web page or an application that has a high number of visits. Double Click for Publishers will teach you how to handle different forms of advertising, which will make your business grow

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It is easy to learn to use, I like the ability to manage different types of campaigns like HTML5 and images. Its ability to edit line elements, allow me to manage a faster campaign, allowing me to see the performance and pace. In General, you can configure reports, automate them and integrate them with other google tools to analyze and get the best possible information about the people who click on the banners

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This software is divided into two segments. One for small business and one for high traffic sites. I can keep all my ads in one place.I can use it for mobile ads or those on my website. Everything I need for keeping track of my ads or changing them.

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 As a matter of fact, Sometimes DFP stacks so gradually. also, getting numerous unfilled impressions. That is too awful on my end. What’s more, the report that we can send to customers and other outsiders who need to know the bits of knowledge, is only a report with a number document.

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