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Ad Server Software

Ad server software helps marketers manage their advertisements across different advertising channels. It is a web-based application used by publishers, ad networks, and advertisers to help with campaign management tools for tracking uploaded or deploying ads on websites as well applications such as those found in eCommerce stores where customer engagement can take place without constantly refreshing the webpage.



Bannerflow is a Creative Management Platform (CMP) which simplifies complexity and removes the mystery of digital advertising. It enables in-house marketing teams to take control of their display adve.. View Profile


AdCritter is a is a cloud-based marketing solution that makes it easy for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to build and manage effective digital advertising campaigns for their business. AdCri.. View Profile


It is ad serving platform with ad management portal, conversion tracking, geotargeting, and live monitoring for advertisers and publishers. It is a platform for Publishers, Advertisers & Agencies... View Profile

NT Programmatic Platform

NT Programmatic Platform is a fully featured Online Campaign Management Software owned by Nominal Techno, an international IT-company. It DSP allows to manage the full cycle of Programmatic purchase. .. View Profile

Smart Adserver

Smart Adserver is a fully transparent and leading ad monetization platform built for premium publishers to serve demanding buyers. Its unique holistic and flexible approach enables premium publishers .. View Profile

AVID Ad Server

AVID Ad Server, a cloud-based solution, is designed for publishers, advertisers, ad networks and bloggers. It manages, tracks and creates advertisements using codes, Video Ad-Serving (VAST) templates .. View Profile

Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver is a cloud-based, open-source software for online ad serving, campaign management, campaign performance tracking and reporting. This Cloud-based open source ad serving system, availabl.. View Profile


Product Details Tool is an ultimate SaaS header bidding platform for webmaster to build header bidding wrapper, integrate Prebid.js and DFP. It also helps collect analytics and get reporting in single.. View Profile


AdPlayer.Pro is powered by a robust ad-enabled video player technology. It provides publishers, brand advertisers & agencies, and enterprise clients an ecosystem of innovative outstream video adve.. View Profile


Epom Ad Server is a feature-rich ad serving solution designed to serve publishers and media buyers with top-quality demand and supply for online advertising. Powered by Epom Ad Server, the ad network .. View Profile