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Ad Server Software

Ad server software helps marketers manage their advertisements across different advertising channels. It is a web-based application used by publishers, ad networks, and advertisers to help with campaign management tools for tracking uploaded or deploying ads on websites as well applications such as those found in eCommerce stores where customer engagement can take place without constantly refreshing the webpage.



It is an ad management platform, highly specialized in optimizing digital ad inventory for publishers. The platform manages this through machine learning, artificial intelligence, and a proprietary ru.. View Profile


Biteplay is Contextual Ad placement software for YouTube. It enables boosting of ROI on Youtube campaigns. It place your ads in front of the content that is imortant for you, enabling you to advertise.. View Profile

JW Player

It is an online video player with video engagement analytics. It is designed to help businesses upload, stream, and deliver high-quality videos on a centralized platform. It is also used for custom vi.. View Profile

DoubleClick For Publishers

DoubleClick for Publishers is an SAS platform which allows publishers to serve all ads from one place, manage ad sales. The SAS platform is also called ad serving also can deploy video and native ads... View Profile