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Wix helps you create a stunning blog for free. It offers a few different ways you can build your site: Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix Editor, & Wix Code. Wix provides tools to small businesses and individuals to build beautiful and professional-looking websites that do not hamper their creativity with coding expertise. Wix is a free service, but users can opt to improve their websites by subscribing to Wix’s premium plans.

You can also create a stunning eCommerce website for free with Wix. For this,you can use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix Editor, & Wix Code.




  • Comment Moderation
  • Post Management
  • Search
  • Collaborative Writing
  • WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing
  • Live Chat
  • Optimized Mobile View
  • Image Editor
  • SEO Management
  • Free and Reliable Hosting
  • Wix App Market
  • Financial Tools
  • Communication Tools
  • Form Builder
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Online Store Builder
  • Kitting
  • Templates
  • Inventory Management
  • Social Feed
  • Page Protection
  • Email Marketing
  • Promotions Management
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Responsive
  • Drag & Drop
  • Real Time Editing
  • Online Booking Tools
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms
  • Survey Builder
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Booking Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Forms
  • Customizable Templates
  • Data Security


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based, iPhone / iPad, Android

Wix Users

Available Support

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Business Hours
  • Online

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Wix

  • Headquarter: Israel

  • Full Address:


Incredibly easy to start and set up an account and get designing. Wix is a breeze to work with and the design/template options are outstanding and professional. A simple site looks like a work of art in a short amount of time. It’s definitely not for everyone but for personal or small business (nion-ecomm) sites Wix is a great solution.

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It has its limitations. But it doesn’t function like that of WordPress. I dislike that fact there’s never a hotline where we can reach out to a person in real-time for help. What’s more, you have a 60-day waiting period to port things in to your site.

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This program has just about everything! Simple open an account and it’ll guide throughout the process. With it, you’re able to do e-mail marketing, post ads, make social media connections, and have a site that does everything under one platform. It’s great for somebody who wants to group a bunch of things together for small business marketing.

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Unfortunately, Wix is very limited in functionality. If you’re already using WordPress or can do some basic coding, you may be disappointed at the lack of flexibility of Wix. Furthermore, its paid subscriptions are quite steep when compared to hosting and buying a domain yourself.

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Wix is not WordPress. It is designed for beginners to make all of the basic things anyone needs as easy as drop and drag. But WordPress + Divi theme is the best choice if you aren’t afraid of a little learning curve. Wix’s shopping cart functionality is not powerful. I made a store with a few dozen choices that had a handful of options each. This crashed the cart. If you have a handful of items to sell, Wix would be fine. Otherwise, use Shopify.

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1) The interface is very easy to get along. Every option is properly placed in a way that learning curve is not that steep. Anybody can Master it in no time. 2) The smart alignment feature is awesome. 3) Large number of queries are already covered in the FAQs section. 4) Saves files with ease and the track of the release manager feature is great tool.

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My favorite part of the software is the videomaking tool. Along with the videos I create, I can post them in a template through Wix and send my newsletters to my subscribers and customers. Wix does a great job of keeping a track of my subscribers and having an organized analytics page. I don’t think Wix is disorganized at all. It can be pricey for the different type of services to make my website stand out on Google search, but there are discounts from time to time.

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The ease of use. It was so simple to set up and build a website, I had one online in a matter of 2 hours. On top of that, it was so affordable, that I had paid for 3 years of hosting, that cost me less than it would cost to have someone build a site, let alone host for 3 years. In other words, it’s saved me thousands of dollars.

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