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When you’re looking for a software category that can help you improve your business, the software category that will most likely be of interest to you is Blogging. There are several different blog software programs that can help you automate tasks, make better decisions, and save time. And in many cases, the best software is the one that suits your specific needs and goals.


Word Pigeon

Word Pigeon is a SaaS tool and plugs in for Word Press with a growing integrations. It allows for a one click conversion from Gsuite. Word Pigeon makes it easy to compose your posts in Google Docs and.. View Profile

Movable Type

Movable Type is a social publishing platform that simplifies the creation, publishing, and management of websites and blogs. It has highly flexible system for managing website files and images which c.. View Profile


Wriber is an innovative content writing editor that helps organizations write high-performing blogs using artificial intelligence to produce high quality content. It employs artificial intelligence (A.. View Profile

Live Blog

Live Blog is an open source live blogging software, designed to enable users to publish events as they occur in real-time. It enables media organisations or bloggers to cover both the breaking events .. View Profile


Diigo is a web-based information management system, designed for businesses of all sizes. It is a bookmarking tool that assists with web page annotation, file organization and file sharing using bookm.. View Profile

MarsEdit 3

MarsEdit 3 is offered by Red Sweater. This blog software helps you publish your blog using online desktop blog for the Mac... View Profile


Ghost is an open-source website builder and publisher platform which allows developers to create custom connections with their favorite applications or services. With its completely hackable, develope.. View Profile
#8 is a blogging platform that allows you to convert an Evernote notepad into a blog or website. It offers both free and paid plans. This cost-effective service allows users to set-up new webs.. View Profile


Optimized for low maintenance with easy upgrades & effective antispam, b2evolution helps you run and maintain modern websites. You get full control over how simple or complex you want your webpage.. View Profile


BlogIn is a knowledge-sharing platform that opens a new, transparent, two-way communication channel inside an organization. It improves communication and boosts collaboration inside an organization. S.. View Profile