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10 Best Travel Affiliate Programs That You Should Try

Travel Affiliate Programs

In the ecosystem of online content, travel is a pretty powerful niche. When people travel, they want the best experiences—and this doesn’t only pertain to picking the most amazing destinations but also the entirety of the journey.

Right from planning your transportation to deciding which sites to visit, there are multiple considerations and, ultimately, choices you’ll have to make to ensure you get the most out of your trip. This is where the best travel content should lead you.

Partnering With Travel Affiliate Sites

Suppose you’re looking to get into producing travel content or are an experienced travel blogger seeking to take your content to the next level. In that case, you might want to explore collaborating with travel affiliate programs.

Affiliate can range from accommodations, tours and activities, insurance, to accessories.

It is particularly suited to the travel niche as any fun and exciting travel experience needs several components to comarketing, wherein you promote a product or service and earn commissions from purchases made through your affiliate link, is actually a great way to make passive income on your blog or travel site. Affiliate partners me together. This means your potential affiliate sites or programs wouldn’t be limited to travel sites. There’s a wide array of products and services you can promote for a collaboration that’s mutually beneficial to your site and partner program.

To monetize your blog or website, it’s important to know where to begin—ask yourself which affiliates would bring the most value to your content. Ultimately, your content should aim to appeal to travelers looking for a complete package. From there, it’s only a matter of working out further content strategies to drive more traffic and determining how best to integrate promotions on your site.

For instance, some affiliate programs will provide you with support in the form of banners and images that link back to their site. You can also explore performance analysis and tracking tools, plug-ins, other widgets, and even support teams to find and handle referrals.

Wondering which is the best hotel to stay in for your next trip? Looking for online car rentals? Build up your travel content with affiliate partnerships that will provide valuable information for your readers.

10 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

It’s important to do enough research on potential affiliates to decide if they align with the direction of your site. Here are the top travel affiliate programs you can consider:


TripAdvisor affiliate program

TripAdvisor is the go-to site for all things travel, from the best hotels to the top restaurants. It sees traffic from millions all over the world and also boasts millions of destinations you can book. Its widespread popularity makes it an attractive affiliate partner for travel enthusiasts and bloggers.
Also, it offers a standard 50% commission for every successful transaction through an affiliate link. Depending on the product and value, commissions can go more than 50%. affiliate program

Perhaps the most recognizable site for booking hotels and other accommodations, is another great partner for your site. There are more than a million bookings daily on—there is a high potential to make commissions for promoting accommodation bookings on your site. Of course, the more booking made through your blog or site, the higher possible earnings you get.


Expedia affiliate program

Expedia is a larger affiliate network that is linked to sites like Vrbo and Through their affiliate program, you’ll be able to promote hotel bookings and transportation deals on their site and make a commission of anywhere from 3 to 11%.


Travelpayouts affiliate program

Travelpayouts is another affiliate network that manages all kinds of services, from accommodations to insurance offers. It provides a vast array of affiliate programs you can choose from to join its wide network of over 300,000 affiliates. According to Travelpayouts, the largest payout for one booking was $526.


Travelpayouts affiliate program

Boatbookings is a site that links interested bookers to luxury boat charters, including yachts and catamarans. Affiliates can earn up to 20% as a base rate of the fees earned by Boatbookings. These tend to range higher compared to usual accommodation bookings as luxury rentals are relatively more expensive.


affiliate marketing travel

Viator offers everything from tickets to attractions, tours, and activities across destinations around the world. Bookers can select complete packages for sightseeing or experiences to fill their itineraries. Viator’s affiliates can earn up to 8% commissions when promoting their offerings.


travel agent affiliate program

GetYourGuide is another site that specializes in tours to various attractions and destinations around the world. There are more than 68,000 tours and activities for travelers to choose from on the site. GetYourGuide offers its affiliates a percentage for every successful booking and a monthly payout without hidden charges.


best affiliate programs for travel

Deals on flights are always in high demand among travelers. Skyscanner is the go-to site for flight bookings. It offers a revenue share starting at 20% for flight and accommodation bookings as well as car rental deals.

World Nomads

hotel affiliate program

World Nomads is a widely known name when it comes to travel insurance. It provides travel insurance to users from over 130 countries with a vast range of packages. These include medical insurance, gear coverage, and flight cancellation insurance. World Nomads provide its partners unlimited referral fees, so your earnings is totally up to you.

Amazon Associates

affiliate marketing travel

Lastly, there’s Amazon Associates, which is the biggest retail affiliate program in the world. Its catalog of thousands and thousands of products is a useful resource for travelers who seek travel gear, accessories, and just about any other product they might need. Amazon Associates affiliates are free to promote any product on the site and are given an associate commission of up to 10%.

Final Thoughts

Traveling is a holistic experience. Whether for business or leisure, traveling is a part of life. While most travelers want to maximize their trips by having the best experiences, it is undoubtedly wise to make the most of it through great deals and easier bookings.

Thankfully, these days there’s a way to do everything online—from booking a hotel and renting transportation to generating extra earnings. So if you manage a website or a blog or simply love to travel, consider partnerships with affiliate travel programs to drive more traffic to your site, add value to the content you produce, and ultimately, have an exciting and transformative way to earn more.

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