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10 Essential Oils Affiliate Programs For Those Who Are Interested In High Profits

Essential Oils Affiliate Programs For Those Who Are Interested In High Profits

Essential oils have become quite popular as they help in soothing and healing a person. These oils’ components have a therapeutic effect and help tackle problems like pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, and other issues.

However, essential oils are pretty expensive, and finding the genuine one is difficult sometimes. Besides, most people still don’t have a clear idea about the benefits of essential oils and how to use them.

This is where bloggers can be of help. If you join that niche’s affiliate programs, they help the people by providing you authentic essential oils from reputed companies. In return, the bloggers get money as they are indirectly promoting the products.

If you have a health, lifestyle, or Ayurveda blog, joining an essential oils affiliate program is a good option. By promoting the company’s products, you get to make a decent amount of money which grows to a massive amount as time passes.

Best Essential Oils Affiliate Programs

Though essential oils have numerous health benefits, they can have adverse effects if the proper usage method is not conveyed. Here are 10 of the best essential oils affiliate programs you would want to try.

1. Boom Boom Essential Oils Affiliate Program

Whenever you hear about nasal inhalers, the image that comes to your mind is that of a person suffering from cold and flu.

The nasal inhalers that Boom Boom offers are provided with essential oils. These oils are capable of improving your focus, breath, boosting energy, and enhancing the mental health.

Once you join its affiliate program, you will be able to earn a 10% commission per sale, which is pretty decent.

After joining their affiliate program, you can earn a commission of 10%, which is decent enough. The most significant advantage of the program is that the company uses pure essential oils for the inhalers. This means the users get a chance of having a high-quality natural product at their disposal.

2. Amrita Aromatherapy Essential Oils Affiliate Program

Founded by Dr. Christopher Streicher, Amrita Aromatherapy is one of the biggest essential oil suppliers in the USA. The company offers nearly 140 different types of essential oils that are pure and certified by USDA.

Through Amrita’s affiliate program, you allow the audiences to get access to its top-quality organic essential oils.

If you join as an affiliate marketer, you will receive a 10% commission on every sale made in a 30-day cookie period. This is a highly recommended program if you like promoting organic products.

3. Essential Oils Affiliate Program has a fantastic collection of personal care and health products. It is a Canadian company but also ships significant parts to the USA. The company has nearly 40,000 health and beauty products along with a vast collection of essential oils.

The company launched the affiliate program through CJ affiliate. By joining this particular program, you will get access to a wide variety of products along with oils, diffusers, and many other items. However, the commission rate is low, but you could still make a fortune as the products are top-rated.

4. Lisse Essential Oils Affiliate Program

If the blog is about aromatherapy, then you should join this affiliate program.

Lisse Essentials are pretty renowned for their chemical and pesticide devoid essential oils that are particularly suitable for aromatherapy. The company also offers top-quality bottles, blends, misters, and items used for aromatherapy. You may join the affiliate program through the Refersion marketplace and get a 10% commission on every sale.

5. Guru Nanda Essential Oils Affiliate Program

Guru Nanda has 138 different essential oils derived from 6 different continents. Its motto is to help people with its fantastic collection, and the company produces these oils from the finest herbs from various parts of the world. The commission offered is 7.5%, but the cookie period is 90 days making it a highly profitable initiative.

6. Rocky Mountain Oils Affiliate Program

For the last 13 years, Rocky Mountain oils are supplying high-quality essential oils. The company also offers blended oils that provide relief from problems like mental health, pain, sleep, etc. They have an exciting product range with mom and baby blends named “Tummy Times,” “Ouche,” etc. The most exciting part of this affiliate program is that you get a 9% commission; it can be hiked to 16% if the sales are good enough.

7. Oasis Diffusers Essential Oils Affiliate Program

In this case, you do not promote the oils but something that is related to them. Oasis produces different types of diffusers that vaporize the water that is mixed with essential oils of your choice.

The diffusers, in this case, are made to be used in the shower as well as your car. This means you can relish the goodness of the therapeutic oils even while driving or taking a shower. The commission offered through

its affiliate program is 10%, and the cookie period is 90 days which is good.

8. Each & Every Essential Oils Affiliate Program

This is a perfect affiliate program for people who love to promote and write about perfumes. Cheaper perfumes and deodorants have aluminum that is harmful to health and may cause problems like Alzheimer’s. The products from Each and Every are made of organic essential oils and are safer than other commercial deodorants.

You may join their affiliate program via ShareASale that offers a 10% commission. Since the product is so popular, this program is quite a success.

9. HoMedics Essential Oils Affiliate Program

HoMedics is quite famous for its home massage therapy products. They won Ellia, a brand for essential oils and diffusers. By joining this affiliate program, you can promote products of both brands, which means double earning options for you.

While the audiences are buying the essential oils from Ellia to remain healthy, you could also check some of the related products like the air purifiers, neck massagers, and other items. But their commission rate is relatively less. However, if you consider the range of products you have, the option remains profitable.

10. The Ayurveda Experience Essential Oils Affiliate Program

For many years, Ayurveda was used to solve a lot of health issues. Taking inspiration from that, The Ayurveda experience offers you an extensive collection of products that you may use for alternative treatment of health problems. If you join their affiliate program, you get to promote around 160,000 products tackling different health issues.

You may join the program through ShareASale or LinkShare. The best part is that initially, you receive an incredible 15% commission. If you continue making good sales, this rate rises to 25% later on.

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