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9 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools Affiliate Marketers Should Use To Improve Performance Of Their Sites

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools For Affiliate Marketing

In the affiliate marketing business, driving traffic to the website is just not enough to help you sustain the business. To truly get benefits from that investment, marketers should use conversion rate optimization or CRO and convince the traffic to finish their purchase.

The list mentioned below shows many helpful tools for marketers who want to optimize their conversion rates.

Whether it is the changes in landing pages and email design and getting inspiration to how your visitors see your content, these tools help by enhancing your site’s performance.

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster has a comprehensive conversion optimization toolkit that you can use to increase your email lists. Your website visitors turn into loyal customers in no time. This app is a standalone version and easily integrates into other platforms like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc.

You can use OptinMonster to create beautiful and enticing subscription forms even if you do not have a clue about graphic designing.

Apart from that, its A/B testing feature is helpful in understanding the difference between two headlines, content, and layouts.

You can use the page-level targeting feature and see the targeted messages on posts, categories, and pages. By using OptinMonster, you also get the statistics of each of your strategies so that you know where to invest more.

2. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

The Visual Website Optimizer is another A/B testing platform but for non-technical users. You can use this tool to test your campaigns and pick one that is more effective.

With the help of VWO, you can check different headlines, buttons, images, and others to find the difference between each.

It also tracks each website and measures its revenue, clicks, signups, and other goals. In fact, the multivariate testing mode helps you combine all these changes and produce a different design.

The split URL testing helps in checking two separate URLs on the same page. It sends traffic to each of the two URLs and provides data to help choose. Some other benefits include:

  • Visual Editor
  • Data Analytics
  • Heatmaps and Click Maps Integration
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Geo-targeting

3. HelloBar

HelloBar is another lead capture tool, and it allows you to introduce a pop-up form to the website. You can use the same and, in turn, build your email list. Promote the social media pages, showcase a sale or use other lead generation strategies.

Their free version of the software lets you create one modal. This modal will be shown to every tenth visitor who comes to your website. But if you choose their premium plan, you get multiple Call to action options to select from.

Reasons why FB messenger ads are helpful:

  • Messenger ads can outperform the other ads by 2X-10X
  • You can get instant lead and data capture
  • There are many features that you can personalize
  • Automated lead qualification and follow-ups with chatbots

4. Google Analytics 360

All digital marketers should look at Google Analytics daily. But, the Google Analytics 360 Suite is the enterprise version of their analytics tool, which provides you access to many data and features.

An important CRO feature is event measurement that is useful for tracking the events like the click on the CTA buttons.

This feature is quite similar to the Mix panel, and you are not limited to monitoring your conversions based on the URL.

Apart from that, you may measure the difference between CTA button clicks and complete conversions to tackle problems that stop consumers from converting.

This is another upgrade from Google analytics, but you can create custom funnels and analyses the customer journeys.

5. Google PageSpeed

Google is entirely focused on the web page performance over the last five years in the manner in which it rewards the page ranks. This tool is a fast and easy way to keep track of how your website is going to perform on different devices.

6. PageSpeed Insights

The PageSpeed Insights analyze the contents of a web page, then provide suggestions to increase the speed of that page.

Suppose you want to increase the clicks from the SEO and stop the users from leaving your site. This is especially true when they are on mobile devices.

If you want something which is more powerful and you do not mind paying, then use Pingdom to manage the speed and performance of the page through lakhs of pages.

7. MobileMonkey

Live chat software increases website conversions by 45%. For marketers doing this is crucial, and Mobile Monkey helps them in this task.

With their MobleMonkey OmniChat technology, all the marketing and sales teams can communicate with the customers.

Apart from that, the inbox tracks your website, FB messenger, SMS text messages, and web chat apps like Instagram and WhatsApp from one place. You can manage customer communication without having to manage live chat tools on different platforms.

Some other benefits of this technology are:

  • Stronger customer profiles endowed with data and behavioral insights
  • Getting a better customer support team collaboration and faster response times
  • Time and money are saved because you use only one inbox

8. Mixpanel

You can consider Mixpanel as an advanced version of Google analytics that helps in tracking a wide variety of metrics like:

  • User engagement: You must know which key elements make your users take the action that is required.
  • Retention: Track how many repeat visitors are coming and find the elements that cause them to stay/
  • Notifications: Mixpanel will help you to send and track the e-mail or push notifications which also caused user retention.
  • People Analysis: Your leads are not just their names and emails. You must also know what they do, what matters to them, and how they decide.

9. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is the onsite survey tool that you can use to survey visitors who are coming to your site. The easy way to use it is to ask the visitors a question and use the information to improve your marketing copy.

Qualroo is suitable for lead generation, too, as it helps grab the leads from the top of the funnel. Survey tools like Qualaroo can be helpful in making the copy more targeted because of the insight it generates, and you can use it as a customer service tool and get leads in sales.

Are you looking for Affiliate Software to track referrals, endorsements, and other activities? Find MCP’s list of the Best Affiliate Software Solutions.

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