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Nine Content Tools That Will Make You More Productive And Efficient In Affiliate Marketing

Nine Content Tools That Will Make You More Productive And Efficient In Affiliate Marketing

At some time in our life, we feel the need to have a flexible job. A job where you get up as per your own time and work on the laptop from the comfort of your home. Affiliate marketing is an ideal job as it gives you the life that you want.

In the past few years, affiliate marketing as a digital marketing channel has grown by leaps and bounds. As per Rakuten Marketing, the affiliate marketing industry will attain 7 billion figures in the coming five years. This implies that the field will continue to grow, increasing your chances of prospering.

Affiliate Marketing Is Not Easy!

Despite the growth rate of affiliate marketing, not all who enter the field become successfulat it. Affiliate marketing needs tremendous efforts and hard work for anyone to make it big. You have to be quite persistent and sensible, if you really want to pursue it as a career.

Affiliate Marketing Tools Can Help

As an affiliate marketer, you will have lots of responsibilities to take care of. You will have to be a content marketer, account manager, and more.

Affiliate marketing tools will make your life easy and make you more productive. Here we tell you three reasons why you should use these affiliate marketing tools:

  1. If you have another job apart from affiliate marketing, you may be hard-pressed for time. In such a situation, affiliate marketing tools increase your productivity.
  2. You can delve into possibilities that, till now, you had no idea about.
  3. Most of the affiliate marketing tools are free. So, you don’t spend money, yet enforce a strong strategy in place.
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Content Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers have to create content constantly. Whether it is an email newsletter, blog, social media post, they mustn’t compromise on the quality of content. Here are some content tools that will make your task easy.

1. Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is planning and content research, which helps affiliate marketers to create valuable content. You can use it to search the internet for content that is trending and will help make your posts viral.

From blogs to videos, articles, and infographics, you get insights into the different types of content. It also gives you an idea of the competitor’s marketing strategy.

You can use Buzz Sumo to find content that your audience will identify with. It is easy to find the content that was most shared in the last 24 hours or more.

Various content analysis reports give you data and actionable insights helping you change your strategy accordingly.

3. Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is a free web app that takes care of content quality and plagiarism when affiliate marketers start writing a blog. The writers can use the features like web management, keyword research, text analysis, SEO, Domain tool, and IP tools and thus improve the quality of the content they are posting.

This app is perfect for most writers since it’s free and for writers who are hard-pressed for time.

4. Grammarly

It is easy to get inside Grammarly’s web app. Login through Facebook or Google, and you are done. You can see a dashboard view, i.e., a template and blank document, which you can start using.

There are many features that Grammarly boasts of having, and it can help the users take care of common grammar errors and use appropriate phrases to match the tone. The Grammarly tool helps the content writer with suggestions in terms and words.

Apart from that, they have predefined goals criteria like the type of audience, tone of content basis, which they give you as suggestions which you can incorporate into your content.

For premium users, Grammarly provides smart and definable goals. That is, the tone could be confident, friendly, optimistic, etc.

The premium content editor also provides suggestions in case it is meant for technical, business, or academics audiences or it is just casual writing.

As a Grammarly user, you can check the quality of the content as you write. You can also check for plagiarism and other parameters like clarity, delivery, and engagement of content.

5. Unbouncy

Another landing page builder this one has a library that fulfills all the needs of SaaS products, eCommerce stores sales funnels, agencies, and landing pages.

The templates provided have the best user interface, and you do not have to put in any of your own efforts. So, whether you want to create pop-ups, landing pages, or sticky bars, you can do so quickly with Unbouncy.

6. Instapage

Sometimes you do not need anything new to get the views. Instapage offers you a library of pre-built landing pages that you may use to sell your products that will fit your audience’s needs.

A prominent feature of Instapage is the quick landing page creation it boasts off. You can customize the same to the type of audience.

This process is known as post-click automation, where you can create Facebook or Google ads and then create landing pages that match up to them.

7. Hemingway App

Hemingway is another online editor for which you do not have to register to use its features. The app comes with a distraction-free interface, and there are color-coding highlights on the text. These codes help you in identifying the different suggestions given.

However, in the free version, you do not get the option to save your document. As a paid member, you can not only save your documents but also publish your content on Medium or WordPress. You can also export your document in a variety of formats like PDF, HTML, MS Word, etc.

7. Leadpages

Designing the landing pages is essential for affiliate marketers as they influence customer decisions. Affiliate marketers earn when the visitors on their page make a verified purchase.

So, you must create landing pages that will attract more visitors and make them convert into loyal customers.

If your product’s landing page is missing functionality, aesthetics, or does not load on time, users will leave it and go away. This will be a loss as your visitor did not complete his purchase.

This is where landing pages help as it creates them using the best tools and thus helps in increasing your rate of conversion.

Leakage in this process means a loss for you as it is expensive to run ad campaigns to promote various products and services and earn commissions in return.

With Leadpages, you can easily create digital content that’s engineered by expert marketers to turn clicks into customers.

8. Click Funnels

Click Funnel makes its presence felt in the category of landing page builders though its purpose is different. It is a sales funnel builder which can improve the conversion rate for affiliate marketers. We are including this in the category of affiliate marketing tools because it also improves conversions.

You can use the web app for building effective sales funnels, landing pages, affiliate programs, and automating the follow-up funnels.

You can also request a demo and continue using the app’s basic features for 14 days before taking a premium version.

9. Lead pages

When we talk of lead generation, you would have thought how life could be simple if you had a tool that could create landing pages having a high conversion rate.

This web app has a collection of themes to choose from. These themes are optimized for viewing on tablets and smartphones. With Lead pages, you can even select one of the templates as per your need, i.e., contests, events, sales, etc.

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