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Everything You Should Know About Managed WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is a very popular platform for different business purposes. Mostly, even if you don’t have any business on the Web, you have heard about WordPress since it is used for running thousands of websites.

Still, when you are starting your own business online, you have to know everything about web hosting. There are many options to choose from. Nonetheless, if you are going to use WordPress as a CMS, it is better to use its managed web hosting. So what is it, and what can you get from managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress Web Hosting

Definition And Examples of WordPress Managed Hosting

Firstly, what is web hosting? It is a server (or a number of servers) that are used to store your website data and traffic. There are many different types of hosting. Some of them allow just to pay rent and use someone’s services and support. Other types rely on your own capabilities.

Managed WordPress hosting is a kind of hosting where you can get support from WordPress. In this case, you get not the server only but the whole website as well. Moreover, you get a manager who configures the hosting and manages different issues, and makes the updates. So, this is a kind of hosting where you just pay rent to forget about all the stresses connected with website hosting. Still, you have many options to customize it.

How Does Managed WordPress Hosting Work?

Imagine that you are starting a business online and need to choose a platform to run a website. Firstly, you can create a custom website from scratch. This option will make you free in performance, but you should take care of security and scalability issues. Thus, you need to have good skills in website management. Also, you need a lot of time to cope with these things.

However, if you are starting a simple blog, E-commerce website, or creating a portfolio website, you don’t want to cope with all the difficulties. The only thing you need is an online presence. Thus, you can get someone’s help.

Firstly, you need to choose hosting. There are many types, like shared, cloud-based. They have different pros and cons. Still, all of them are independent of CMS, and some of them are even incompatible with certain platforms.

If you use WordPress to run a website (regardless of your goals), the best hosting choice is its own hosting. The managed hosting definition speaks for itself. You get a server that is managed by a specialist. He sets up a server, configures it, takes care of all security measures and updates. The only thing you need to do is to tell the requirements and pay a fixed price.

Types Of Managed WordPress Hosting

Wordpress Web Hosting

Speaking about managed hosting examples for WordPress many people are confused between types and options. So, the types are about general ways of using the web hosting, when the options are about certain platforms that ensure the services.

There are 4 types of WordPress managed hosting. They are:

  • Shared Hosting (good for small websites with low traffic; cost-effective, but has low scalability);
  • Virtual Private Server (good for medium-size business with medium traffic; still cost-effective, but has better page load speed);
  • Cloud-Hosting (good for sites with unpredictable traffic like E-commerce; ensure high traffic, but the price is not fixed);
  • Dedicated Server (for large business and corporate websites; ensure good traffic and security, but you have to manage several configurations individually).

Examples of shared hostings are Siteground and A2hosting. VPS stands for INmotion and Hosting Gator. Cloud-hosting is usually associated with WP Engine hosting. The best variant for dedicated servers of managed WordPress hosting is InMotion hosting.

Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting

As you can understand, the greatest benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that you don’t have to cope with all the peculiarities of configuring the server. You have a skilled manager who takes care of all the issues. However, it is not the only benefit.

You also get a guaranteed performance of the website. Since a professional take care of your website, he will just analyze the requirements and needs of your business and configure the server to the fullest. So you will have a good load speed and no unpredictable changes.

Also, you get access to users from the whole world. Since WordPress is a worldwide platform, they have almost 30 servers across the globe. Choosing the managed WordPress hosting, you locate your server on the data-centre that is connected with other centers in different parts of the World.

Next, your data will always be safe since a manager takes care of automatic backups and reserves copies of your data. At the same time, all the information from your servers is highly secured.

Finally, you get a wide range of customizing opportunities since WordPress has hundreds of configuration patterns. So, when you are starting a business and don’t want to create a website from scratch individually, managed WordPress hosting may be a good decision for you.

You can also grow your managed WordPress website with the power of a CRM. This powerful CRM plugin by HubSpot can help you capture, organize and engage your website visitors with free forms, making your sales process much more professional.

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