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Top AI Tools For Aspiring Storytellers To Create Short Stories And Novels

Best AI Story Generators

The world of storytelling is changing thanks to AI tools. They’re not here to replace human creativity, but to help writers craft better stories. Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting out, AI can enhance your writing process.

In this guide, we’ll explore Best AI Storytelling Tools like ClosersCopy, Jasper AI, Rytr, and Scalenut. Join us as we compare their features and find the best fit for your storytelling needs.

Advantages Of AI Storytelling Tools

Using AI storytelling tools offers several benefits:

  • Boosted Creativity: AI ignites fresh ideas and explores new story directions, giving you space to refine your creative vision.
  • Increased Efficiency: AI speeds up writing tasks like scene descriptions and dialogue generation, leaving more time for character development and emotional depth.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: When facing writer’s block or struggling with plot points, AI provides creative solutions to push past barriers.
  • Making Storytelling Accessible: AI tools democratize storytelling, allowing anyone with a story to share to bring their ideas to life, regardless of writing experience.

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How AI Storytelling Tools Work

Best AI Storyteller ToolsAI storytelling tools rely on natural language processing (NLP) to function. NLP enables AI to grasp human language intricacies like grammar and meaning.

This capability allows the tools to analyze large text datasets, recognize story patterns, and produce diverse text outputs.

These tools serve various purposes:

  • Creating Plots: AI can generate storylines with provided parameters, helping to overcome writer’s block and explore new narrative directions.
  • Developing Characters: AI assists in crafting detailed character backgrounds, personalities, and dialogue, enriching your story with complex personas.
  • Building Worlds: Particularly useful for fantasy or sci-fi tales, AI aids in constructing believable fictional realms by detailing settings, cultures, and histories.
  • Expanding Content: AI expands existing stories by generating additional scenes, character interactions, or descriptive elements, streamlining content creation.
  • Overcoming Blocks: AI provides prompts, unexpected twists, or even complete paragraphs to combat writer’s block and stimulate creativity.

Using AI For Storytelling: What To Keep In Mind

  • AI as Assistance, Not Substitute: Think of AI as a helpful tool for your creativity, not a total replacement. Good stories need human imagination and feelings.
  • Keeping Authority: Even if AI helps write, keep control over where the story goes and make sure it matches what you want.
  • Checking Quality: AI’s writing might need changes to sound right and be accurate.

Ranking The Top AI Tools For Creative Writing

We considered various factors to rank the best AI tools for creative writing:

  • How They’re Used: We looked at how well each tool handles different writing tasks and if it helps with creativity.
  • Price: We checked if the prices are fair for what the tools offer. We also looked at the free options each tool offers.
  • How Easy They Are to Use: It’s important that these tools are easy to use but still powerful for anyone to make stories quickly.
  • Type of AI: Many AI languages exist now. We checked which AI model each tool uses to see how good it is at making believable stories.
  • What They Offer: We checked what features each AI tool gives for free to help with creating content.

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Best AI Storytelling Tools

Best AI Story Teller Tools1. Plot Factory


  • Emphasis on Plot and Organization: Rather than generating entire stories, Plot Factory specializes in aiding writers with brainstorming, arranging, and refining plots.
  • Structured Approach: It assists in breaking down stories into chapters, scenes, and key moments, aiding in visualizing story flow, detecting plot gaps, and ensuring a cohesive narrative arc.


  • Intuitive Navigation: Plot Factory boasts a user-friendly interface with straightforward navigation, facilitating easy movement between story elements.
  • World-Building Assistance: It provides prompts for fleshing out fictional worlds, including details on settings, cultures, and historical contexts.
  • Beats Mode: This feature enables a focus on essential plot points by adding concise summaries and notes to each story beat.
  • Manuscript Editing Tools: Although secondary, Plot Factory includes basic writing tools within its built-in manuscript editor.


  • Limited Character Development: While proficient in plot outlining, Plot Factory’s character development features may be less robust compared to other AI storytelling tools.
  • Learning Curve: Some users may find the interface slightly complex, requiring time to fully grasp its functionalities.

Who Can Benefit

  • Plot-Centric Writers: Those prioritizing plot development can find Plot Factory particularly useful.
  • World-Builders: Writers crafting intricate fantasy or science fiction tales can leverage its world-building prompts and organizational features.
  • Visual Thinkers: The tool’s clear visualization of story structure appeals to writers who think in visuals.



  • Interactive Experiences: takes AI storytelling to the next level by focusing on creating interactive experiences, particularly through multi-character conversations.
  • Unique Approach: Its emphasis on interactive storytelling extends its application beyond traditional narratives, such as in game development.

How It Works

  • Character Development: Users can define character traits like voices, emotions, memories, and goals, enabling the creation of lifelike characters capable of responding believably to user input.
  • Multi-Character Conversations: The platform excels at generating conversations between multiple characters, making it ideal for crafting branching narratives and role-playing game experiences.
  • AI-Powered Voices: integrates AI-generated voices, enabling characters to speak with realistic intonation and emotion, enhancing the interactive experience.

Who Can Use It

  • Gaming Developers: is well-suited for creating immersive interactive narratives within video games.
  • Marketers & Educators: It can be utilized to design interactive marketing campaigns or educational simulations, offering dynamic user engagement.
  • Entertainment Industry: holds potential for developing interactive fiction experiences, personality-rich chatbots, or personalized story encounters.


  • Focus on Interactivity: Writers seeking purely linear narratives might find less suitable, as its strength lies in crafting interactive stories.
  • Limited User Reviews: Due to its specialized focus, might have fewer user reviews compared to broader AI storytelling tools.

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3. ClosersCopy


  • AI and Augmented Writing: ClosersCopy utilizes AI and augmented writing to assist in crafting compelling business content.
  • Multi-AI Model: It offers features like Improve, Rewrite, Summarize, and Translate, powered by advanced algorithms and offering over 700 frameworks.

How It Stands Out

  • Language Support: Supporting 127 languages, ClosersCopy provides built-in templates tailored for story creation, distinguishing it from other storytelling tools.
  • Wizard Feature: Its wizard feature offers users comprehensive guidance to swiftly construct engaging stories or scripts with ease.

The StoryAI Model

Designed to craft engaging content, StoryAI creates narratives and develops characters while the platform’s powerful AI engine detects structural errors and aids in describing events and characters effectively.


  • Learning Curve: Utilizing multi-AI models like ClosersCopy may entail a learning curve. While it took time for us to become familiar with it, mastery of the tool proves invaluable for story-writing tasks.

4. Rytr


  • AI Story Generator: Rytr simplifies story creation by generating outlines, plot points, and character descriptions based on provided genre and keywords.
  • Content Diversity: Beyond storytelling, Rytr assists in crafting blog posts, social media content, product descriptions, and more.
  • Multilingual Support: With over 30 supported languages, Rytr enables content creation for a global audience.
  • Tone & Style Options: Choose from various writing tones (formal, persuasive, casual) to suit your content’s purpose.
  • Grammar & Plagiarism Checker: Ensures polished writing free from plagiarism concerns.

How It Works

Rytr guides users through the content creation process, offering assistance with story plotting, character development, and writing tone selection.

Users input basic details like genre and keywords, and Rytr generates tailored content accordingly.

Who Can Use It

Ideal for writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs seeking efficient content creation solutions, Rytr caters to diverse storytelling needs.

Whether on a tight budget or short on time, Rytr provides a reliable tool for digital storytelling in presentations, videos, blogs, and more.


  • Limited Control: Users may find less control over the story generation process compared to specialized AI storytelling tools.
  • Depth of Content: Crafting detailed narratives with rich character development may require additional effort beyond Rytr’s generated outlines.
  • Learning Curve: While user-friendly, mastering all functionalities may require some time.
  • Pricing Options: While a free plan is available, upgraded plans with more features come at a cost.

5. Sudowrite


  • Comprehensive Suite: Sudowrite offers a range of features for AI-augmented storytelling, including plot generation, character development, and advanced editing tools.
  • Story Engine: Input basic ideas or prompts to generate story beats, character arcs, and dialogue prompts to flesh out your narrative.
  • Describe & Expand: Generate detailed descriptions based on keywords and expand existing text creatively to ensure smooth flow.
  • AI Brainstorming: Overcome plot and character development dilemmas with creative suggestions and unexpected scenarios.

Additional Features

  • Canvas: Visual storyboarding tool for mapping out narratives visually with notes, plot points, and character details.
  • Outlining Templates: Organize stories based on popular narrative structures like the Hero’s Journey or the Snowflake Method.
  • Novel Feedback: AI-powered feedback on manuscript, identifying areas for improvement in pacing, dialogue, and coherence.

What Sets Sudowrite Apart

  • Focus on Character Development: Beyond plot generation, Sudowrite aids in developing rich and complex characters with detailed backstories, motivations, and unique voices.
  • Multiple Genre Support: Adaptable to various genres, offering genre-specific suggestions and prompts for fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and more.
  • Free Trial: Explore functionalities with a free trial before committing to a subscription.

Potential Considerations

  • Learning Curve: Steeper learning curve compared to simpler AI storytelling tools due to the vast array of features.
  • Cost: Subscription-based pricing model might be a factor for some writers.

Who Can Benefit Most

  • New and Seasoned Authors: Writers of all levels benefit from Sudowrite’s assistance with plot development, character creation, and overall story structure.
  • Genre Writers: Valuable tool for tackling various genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, and creative fiction.
  • Writers Battling Writer’s Block: Sudowrite’s brainstorming features and AI-powered suggestions help break through creative roadblocks.

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6. ShortlyAI


User-Focused Approach: Unlike other AI storytelling tools, ShortlyAI prioritizes user input and control. Writers provide starting points, keywords, or prompts, and the AI offers creative suggestions accordingly.

Core Functionalities

  • Sentence Completion & Expansion: Struggling to finish a sentence or develop a scene? Describe your progress briefly, and ShortlyAI suggests creative ways to enhance your writing.
  • Rewrite & Shorten: Need to refine your text? ShortlyAI provides commands to rewrite and shorten sentences for clarity and conciseness.
  • Character & World Building Prompts: Stuck on character or world development? ShortlyAI sparks imagination with prompts to enrich your fictional universe.

Additional Features

  • Genre Adaptability: Whether romance, fantasy, or science fiction, ShortlyAI adjusts to various genres, offering genre-specific suggestions and prompts.
  • Dialogue Generation: Crafting natural dialogue made easy. Input character and situation details, and ShortlyAI generates realistic dialogue options.
  • Thesaurus & Tone Adjustment: Enhance word choice or adjust writing tone using integrated thesaurus and tone adjustment tools.


  • User Control Focus: ShortlyAI respects your creative vision by providing suggestions and prompts without taking over the narrative.
  • Genre Versatility: Adaptable to diverse fiction projects, ShortlyAI proves valuable for writers across different genres.
  • Free Trial: Explore ShortlyAI’s functionalities with a free trial to align with your writing style before committing.

How It Works

ShortlyAI assists writers by offering creative suggestions based on provided input. Writers initiate the process by sharing starting points, keywords, or specific prompts, and ShortlyAI generates tailored suggestions accordingly.

Who Can Use It

Accessible to writers of all backgrounds, from novelists and bloggers to journalists and copywriters, ShortlyAI offers features to streamline content creation with quick results and minimal effort.


  • Learning Curve: Mastery of all functionalities may require some time and practice.
  • Limited Customization: Compared to specialized tools, ShortlyAI might offer less customization in story generation.

7. Plot Factory


  • Focused Plot Development: Plot Factory specializes in plot development, offering writing views and AI-powered story narration to help visualize narrative flow.
  • World-Building Prompts: Generate ideas and define details about settings, cultures, and historical background with Plot Factory’s world-building prompts.
  • Story Ideas Generation: Utilize brainstorming tools to generate random story prompts, character ideas, or plot twists to kickstart creativity.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily navigate between chapters, scenes, and beats for a clear overview of your story structure.
  • Beats Mode: Focus on core plot points by adding brief summaries and notes to each beat, aiding in visualizing pacing and narrative flow.
  • Advanced Manuscript Editor: Draft stories directly on the platform with basic writing tools provided.

Who Can Use It

  • Plot-Driven Writers: Ideal for those prioritizing compelling plot development.
  • World Builders: Suited for writers working on complex fantasy or sci-fi narratives.
  • Visual Storytellers: Helpful for writers who prefer a structured approach and clear visualization of story structure.


  • Limited Character Development: Character development features may not be as comprehensive compared to other AI storytelling tools.
  • Learning Curve: Interface complexity may pose a learning curve for some users, requiring time to fully utilize all functionalities.

8. Jasper AI


  • Long-Form Content Editor: Craft blog posts, website copy, and scripts effortlessly with Jasper’s intuitive editor.
  • Short-Form Content Generation: Generate engaging social media captions, product descriptions, and headlines quickly.
  • SEO Mode: Optimize your content for search engines with Jasper’s SEO integration, suggesting relevant keywords.
  • Multi-Language Support: Create content in over 25 languages, expanding your reach to a global audience.

Storytelling Capabilities

  • AI Story Templates: Utilize pre-built templates for story creation, guiding you through plot development and character creation.
  • Scene Expansion & Dialogue Generation: Jasper aids in expanding scenes and crafting natural dialogue to enhance your narrative.
  • Genre Versatility: Tailored prompts and suggestions for various genres ensure your story fits your chosen genre seamlessly.


  • Versatility: Jasper caters to diverse content creation needs, offering solutions beyond storytelling.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive navigation makes Jasper accessible for writers of all levels.
  • SEO Integration: Boost your online presence with built-in SEO features.
  • Free Trial: Test Jasper’s functionalities before committing with a free trial.


  • Learning Curve: Mastery of Jasper’s features may require some time.
  • Content Generation Focus: Jasper prioritizes content generation over in-depth story development.

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