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How STRATENET Increased Client Engagement With Inbound Tactics


Founded in 2009 by visionary entrepreneur Stéphane Bouchez, STRATENET started as a digital marketing agency with a focus on SEO, Google AdWords, and website analytics.

The inception of inbound methodology in 2012 marked a turning point for Stéphane, who envisioned a more integrated approach to marketing. Despite initial concerns about the Belgian market’s readiness, by 2016, STRATENET fully embraced inbound marketing, revolutionizing its service offerings.


With a robust background in digital marketing, Stéphane leveraged his expertise to set up STRATENET. Initially, the agency operated in silos, with teams handling disparate elements of marketing without a unified strategy.

The turning point came when Stéphane discovered HubSpot’s marketing software, which promised to integrate and streamline marketing activities, sparking a major strategic shift.

Challenges & Responses

Transitioning to a fully integrated inbound marketing approach presented significant hurdles. Early attempts led to operational inefficiencies and a lack of synergy among the team. Specific challenges included:

  • Resistance to Change: Some staff members were hesitant to adopt new tools and methodologies, fearing the learning curve and potential disruption.
  • Client Skepticism: Initially, clients were unsure about the shift from traditional to inbound marketing, requiring careful management and education from STRATENET’s team.

To address these, Stéphane hosted workshops to demonstrate the efficacy of inbound marketing, using case studies and industry data to support his points. The agency also offered pilot programs allowing clients to see the benefits before fully committing, which helped in gradually overcoming skepticism.


In April 2016, Stéphane’s strategic decision to enroll STRATENET in the HubSpot Partner Program was a game-changer. This partnership provided access to comprehensive marketing tools and a streamlined user interface, setting the stage for a complete transformation.


The overhaul of STRATENET’s approach included a new website designed around inbound principles, featuring a rich resource library with ebooks, how-to guides, and an active blog.

Calls-to-Action and Forms were strategically placed to engage visitors, leading them into personalized workflows based on their interests and buying stage.


The results were astounding. STRATENET’s website traffic soared over 14-fold, from 350 visitors a month to over 5,000.

Monthly leads jumped from one to 120. Today, STRATENET manages eight major clients using HubSpot software, with seven on a retainer basis, providing stable income and funding for further growth.

A standout case includes a travel agency client that saw a 33% traffic increase and secured 50 new sales-qualified leads monthly within just eight months.

Client Testimonial

“I want to have 40 people working for us, and I want to help as many organizations as possible to turn around their marketing and sales processes with the inbound methodology. I would recommend the HubSpot Partner Program to any agency that is ready to transform their services, their processes, and their entire company culture.”

– Stéphane Bouchez, Founder of STRATENET

STRATENET’s success story underscores the transformative power of inbound marketing and strategic adaptation. Under Stéphane Bouchez’s leadership, the agency is not only poised to become Europe’s largest inbound marketing agency but also a model of innovation and client service in the digital age.

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