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20 Best Inbound Marketing Tools For Growing Traffic

Inbound Marketing Tools

In inbound marketing, businesses create content that catches customers’ attention. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing is not about forcing your audiences to read what they don’t want to.

It is about pushing content smartly. Instead of directly pushing your products, you will have to know what audiences are looking for. Create content according to your cadence’s needs, always ready to solve their problems through content.

In this methodology, long-lasting relationship is built with customers. Here we have listed 20 best inbound marketing tools which help every organization to attract customers by creating valuable content

1. SEMRush

SEMRush offers a treasure trove of information on keyword data: monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, average Cost per Click, position changes, competitors positions and their paid advertising spend, keyword Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) for various locations and time frames and more.

Thorough keyword research is a necessary component for a successful inbound marketing program and SEMRush provides the largest and most accurate database of keyword data available.

SEMrush allows businesses to analyze performance of website content across social networks and plan or schedule posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It lets users identify topics for marketing articles, track task deadlines and utilize templates to manage SEO content.


2. Vidyard Chrome Extension

Your prospects get loads of sales outreach emails everyday.  How do you enable your sales reps to cut through the noise? One way is through 1 to 1 personalized video outreach. With Vidyard’s Chrome extension your sales reps can quickly send a personalized video explaining the reason for their outreach and ideally send them something of value on the video.

3. HubSpot Marketing Hub & CMS

HubSpot helps companies of all sizes create a web presence, convert online traffic into leads that can be tracked and nurtured and analyze business metrics to ensure marketing campaigns are progressing in the right direction.

The HubSpot CMS and HubSpot Marketing Hub is where all the great content that you plan to create will reside.  Whether it’s web pages, landing pages, emails, blogs, forms and Calls-to-Action, the HubSpot Marketing Hub and CMS will help you create, manage and measure the effectiveness of these assets.

The HubSpot CMS is a perfect blend of speed and security as well as end user friendly for marketers to make changes on the fly with no coding experience. The Marketing Hub will help marketers automate the process of scoring leads, lead nurturing and data management with a powerful workflow engine.


4. SEOMinion Chrome Extension

SEO Minion helps you in your daily SEO tasks such as On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, SERP Preview and more. This free SEO tool helps you with the following tasks –

  • Analyze On-Page SEO
  • Highlight All Links
  • Check Broken Links
  • Hreflang Checker
  • SERP Preview
  • Google search location simulator
  •  SERP Utilities


5. Ahrefs

With Ahrefs, you don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic. It is an All-in-one SEO toolset, with free Learning materials and a passionate Community & support.

You can also get access to Ahrefs InsiderͰ, its private Facebook community, where you can bounce ideas and questions off 10,000 SEO-obsessed marketers who have seen it all.


  • Content gap analysis: Enter your URL and your competitors URL to see what keywords your competitors rank for you but you currently don’t.
  • Traffic Value Report: See in real time the value of your organic keyword positions compared to their PPC counterparts to show your clients/managers the value you are saving them each month by not spending money on AdWords
  • Keyword Difficulty: See how many backlinks you need to rank on the first page of Google for each keyword you are targeting


6. Zoominfo

ZoomInfo’s market intelligence platform gives marketers a strategic advantage over their competitors. Marketers can leverage its extensive contact database to target ideal B2B buyers by industry, title, company location, job function, and more. With millions of direct dials and email addresses on hand, you can easily fill the gaps in your contact database. The result? Highly-targeted, marketing campaigns.

Zoominfo takes anonymous web traffic and identifies the companies coming to your website and the pages they are visiting. Marketing and sales teams can prioritize outreach by focusing on page visits that identify bottom of the funnel web behavior (e.g. product pricing page or free trial page) instead of going after existing customers looking for support.


7. HotJar

Hotjar is a behavior analytics and user feedback service that helps you understand the behavior of your website users and get their feedback through tools such as heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys. Hotjar complements the data and insights you get from traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics.

Have you ever wondered what your website traffic thinks of your website? Or perhaps you cannot figure out why your traffic is getting stuck in a form or CTA? Hotjar can provide the insights you are looking for. It gives marketers feedback on website behavior with heatmaps. Heatmaps tell you where your vistors click and scroll and what they look at and what they chose to ignore. These visual insights will help you to create a better version of your site based upon real traffic insights.



Typeform makes asking easy and answering fun, whether it’s forms, quizzes, surveys, or something completely new.

Features of Typeform:

  • Unlimited forms and surveys can be created with the free account
  • Free API
  • Data Export options
  • Hidden fields
  • Logic Jump feature
  • Can be connected with over 200 services through Zapier
  • Pricing Calculator
  • Option to use templates/Design own themes
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Answer Piping


9. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a social media analytics and curation tool for content marketers. It searches the web for content based on search queries and reports back to the enquirer on its success, based upon its social likes & shares.

With this you can analyze the best performing content in any market niche. Its advanced social search engine identifies the most shared content for a topic, author or domain.

Features of BuzzSumo;

  • View Most Shared Content
  • Carry Out Content Analysis
  •  See What’s Trending Now
  • Find Twitter Influencers
  • Set Up Real-Time Monitoring


10. Trapit

Trapit is a comprehensive content curation service for business that offers content discovery, curation, and publishing to web, iPad, and social channels through its web application. The application pulls from text and video sources and offers built-in analytics and social scheduling tools.

Features of Trapit;

  • Publish Scheduling
  • Multi-Channel Publishing
  • Categorization/Grouping
  • Brand Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Management


11. SnapApp

SnapApp is an interactive content creation platform that helps marketers to leverage more traffic and customers from social media. It provides tools to create interactive and engaging content that drives customers and provides marketing strategies for content and campaigns.

It connects content to marketing automation tools for supplying more data and implements diverse content for use in multiple situations.

Features of SnapApp;

  • Activity Dashboar
  • Advertising Management
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Capture
  • Dashboards.
  • Marketing automation integration.
  • Drill-down analytics.
  • Assessments & personality tests.


12. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a cloud-based marketing solution that helps small to large enterprises manage projects, social media campaigns, assets and more. The centralized platform comes with a customizable cross-functional calendar, which enables users to view and schedule events using a drag-and-drop interface.

With this you can plan production schedules and share live updates on projects with stakeholders, improving workflows across the organization.

Features of CoSchedule;

  • Campaign Management
  • Publish Scheduling
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Categorization/Grouping
  • Multi-Channel Publishing


13. Taboola

Taboola is a cloud-based content discovery and marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage customers and website traffic. Designed for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) implementation, it enables tracking user behavior and interests to deliver relevant content.

Taboola helps businesses increase brand awareness by connecting with the right audience.

The key features include

  • multi-language support
  • custom branding
  • monitoring
  • multichannel marketing
  • reporting and statistics
  • custom templates
  • social network marketing
  • engagement analytics

14. ClickToTweet

It works by giving you a link to insert in your blog posts, emails, or newsletters so that readers can simply click to tweet the information. It’s easier and faster than adding code to your content and it makes your marketing look more professional.

The application and plugin are 100% free to use, all you need is a Twitter account.

Features Of Click To Tweet:

  • Dashboard: Manage all your Click To Tweet links
  • Link Details
  • Embed Themes
  • Twitter Card Support
  • Analytics
  • Suggested Users


15. Flow

This cloud-based task management and project management solution helps businesses plan projects, assign tasks, prioritize to-dos and manage work.

It helps you visually organize your projects with top-down project management and in-depth task tracking. Each dashboard provides assigned tasks with its related conversations and documents. Users can create dashboards for multiple departments with separate work environments.

Features of Flow”

  • Project Schedules
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Project Schedules
  • Public & Private Projects
  • Project Colors & Icons
  • Notes & Attachments
  • Export Projects
  • Archive Projects



Use Beacon to create professional lead magnets, publish those lead magnets on your site and convert more website traffic into leads. Its rag and drop editor was designed with ease of use in mind. Add and remove elements at the touch of a button so you can make sure our templates suit your needs.


  • All-in-one Dashboard
  • Website Analytics
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Real-time Insights
  • Tracked Links
  • ll Campaign Traffic


JotForm is a cloud-based form automation solution that enables users to publish online forms and record customer responses. It helps users to generate leads, collect order payments, conduct customer surveys, manage job applications and register guests for events.


  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Collaboration
  • Drag & Drop
  • Forms Creation & Design
  • Process/Workflow Automation


Drift is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses automate sales processes by adding live chat windows to websites for increased customer experience and loyalty. Key features include chatbots, geo-targeting, offline access, proactive chating and transfers/routing.

It facilitates communication with website visitors in real-time to help generate leads and improve sales opportunities. The AI-enabled solution comes with a chatbot to automate marketing pipelines and increase customer engagement.


  • Activity Dashboard
  • Auto-Responders
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Activity Tracking
  • Availability Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Campaign Management



Wistia is an advanced online provider of professional video hosting services for businesses from various scales and industries. As a business-oriented service, it helps businesses grow their brand awareness,  and simplifies services and track marketing performance through its built-in analytics and video marketing tools.


  • Easy embedding and sharing
  • Video heatmaps and viewing trends
  • HD bandwidth detection
  • Call to action tools
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • Email marketing capabilities
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement graphs
  • Video SEO
  • Domain restriction


20. Basecamp

Basecamp is more than just a project management tool — it’s a better way to work. Teams that switch to Basecamp are more productive and better organized. They communicate better and require fewer meetings. And they’re far more efficient than before. Unlike email where everything starts disorganized and you have to constantly manage the chaos, Basecamp projects keep everything organized by default. Things are always where you expect, and it’s obvious where to put stuff.

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