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8 Best Email Design Practices To Consider

Best Email Design Practices To Consider In 2020

Nearly 300 billion email messages are sent daily by people and organizations. And as a vendor or marketer, you need the best strategies to leverage this opportunity. Therefore, you need to establish well-thought email design practices as currently used by many businesses.

You can accomplish this by presenting user-friendly content that’s easily accessible on any device. The world has shifted towards using technology as a means of reaching larger markets, and emails are highly effective. It is much easier and cost effective to use technology as opposed to conventional advertising means.

The following 8 email design practices can help you make this process easier and more effective.

1. Use Best Practices On Email Templates

A well-designed email template delivers consistent and intuitive emails, which improves engagement with your customers. And if Microsoft Word doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can always find a solution online.

Additionally, email marketing services like Mailchimp offer better-personalized templates. With a good service, you get assistance on how to write different types of messages and possibly generate suitable templates for other occasions.

Using a well-designed email template puts you at an advantage of leveraging your email marketing strategy. However, we highly recommend integrating an email marketing service with your email client for better outcomes.

2. Use a Suitable Template

Best Email Design

With multiple template options to choose from, it’s possible to get overwhelmed. However, it would be best to understand that one template can’t satisfy all the email formats.

Consider templates for specific jobs such as a weekly special, email newsletter, and welcoming notes for new subscribers. This will help in formulating better emails that will eventually present your vision more neatly.

3. Balance The Ratio Between Text And Images

Currently, the best text to image ratio for email marketing designs is 60/40, with the text format being Times New Roman. But to improve the user experience, you have to add more text compared to images.

This is because images slow the load time, which might quickly chase away your readers. Also, ensure that the text is easily readable by formatting them with bullet points, headers, and bold/italics where necessary. By doing this, readers get a clear description of your work, which eventually improves your conversion.

You will have amore balanced and attractive message with this appropriate balance between text and images. This will give your advertising and edge over other competitors in the market.

4. Include The Alt For Images

Including the Alt for the images in your emails is a tried email marketing campaign that comes with good results. However, you have to ensure that you don’t use items such as the divider lines. Most readers tend to turn off the image loading when reading email campaign messages or social media queries.

This action might be to either speed up load time or protect themselves from potential viruses. Either way, using Alt text improves the reader’s experience, something that every email marketing design needs.

5. Craft Better Practices For Mobile Devices

Email Marketing

These days, we do almost everything on our mobile devices. From banking, shopping, and seeking medical assistance, mobile devices are now the go-to options for everyday life solutions. Therefore, you need to come up with mobile responsive email campaign designs for this particular reason.

Creating mobile responsive content ensures that you get to your target audience quickly and in any location. This approach requires that you use a straightforward but yet intuitive template design. Such a strategy will ensure that you don’t scare away potential leads while offering them easily accessible information.

Since most people nowadays have smartphones, it is most likely they will open your email on their mobile devices. It is only wise if you have content that is compatible with such mobile devices and smart gadgets. You will have the chance of reaching far more people that you had anticipated.

6. Create Campaigns Towards Wearable Devices

Like mobile devices, wearable devices are rapidly becoming essential inclusions to our daily lives. This is another marketing opportunity that you can also leverage on by using the best email design.

However, creating a good campaign geared towards this area is a bit different. You’ll need to emphasize text-rich and responsive content to reach the audience better. Ensure that the content is well readable and easily accessible with fast load time.

7. Place An Easily Locatable Unsubscribe Button

This might be the weirdest email design practice to emphasize, but it’s better than being wholly spammed. Ensure that the unsubscribe button is quick and accessible in a way that it seems absurd.

Your readers might unsubscribe from your messages, but they can subscribe again and offer you a second chance. But if they spam or completely block you, then your chances of converting them becomes zero.

You really need to let your readers have the power to unsubscribe from your emails if they feel like it. Your message will not seem spammy and you could get some other chance later on.

8. Test Drive Your Messages

Email Marketing

Ensure that the emails sent offer value and are correctly articulated. Don’t just send messages with good presentations and necessary information. Be clear and to the point. Also, preview and correct the content before testing it.

To create easy-to-read messages, utilize the zigzag writing format with text to images layout. Ensure that the Alt text is vivid enough during the testing process. Avoid any grammatical errors by using spelling and grammar checker software.

Lastly, ensure that you first understand the target audience before writing down the email subject line. Ascertain your needs before you start t communicating to the readers.

Also, make use of a reliable email analytics program. This will give you adequate information and feedback concerning your email marketing campaign. Such information will be beneficial for the present and future success of the brand.

Wrap Up Of The Best Email Design Strategies

Email messages give you the opportunity of reaching leads, establishing relationships, and growing your brand. But for better results, you need better email marketing practices.

Utilize the information provided by email analytics and use it to leverage your future email marketing campaigns.

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