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Why Are Long-Tail Keywords The Best In SEO?

Long-Tail Keywords

Also known as long key phrases, long-tail keywords are longer and more specific than the commonly used keywords. The best and ideal SEO tactic is to focus on long-tail keywords. Although they get less search traffic, they have a high conversion rate. That is because the keywords are more specific. These keywords attract new and motivated audiences gradually to the target site. They are less common and more specific, focusing on a particular niche.

Why Use Long-Tail Keywords?

Search engines like Google rank longer keywords faster and easier compared to common keywords. This is because few sites compete for higher rankings in Google search results. It is easy to rank long key phrases that are specific. Since the internet is vast, using longer keywords makes it easier to find your niche audience. If you try to focus on several longer keywords, you can attract a great deal of traffic.

Key reasons why you should focus on these keywords

  • They Are Less Competitive : In SEO, long term keywords are not that competitive compared to short keywords. That makes it easier for one to rank on Google.
  • High Conversion Rates : The best thing with long-tail searches is that they are more specific. That means that most people who search for long-tail keywords are more likely to buy your products or services than those searching for short-tail keywords.

Approved Ways On How To Get Long-Tail Keywords

1. Use Google Tags Or The “Search Related To…”

When you search for a keyword on Google, you will come across the “Searches related to….” section at the bottom of the search results. The section is rich in several long key phrases that you can use.

How to use the tool.

  • Begin by typing the keyword that you are interested in.
  • Then scroll to the bottom of the page and check the “Searches related to….” Section for your keyword.
  • You will find several long key phrases that you can use.

2. Use a Keywords Tool like Answer The Public

Keyword generating tools like Answer The Public provide users with question-focused keywords.

How To Use The Tool

  • Feed the tool with the broad keyword and click on the “Get Questions” section
  • The tool will generate trending questions about your topic.
  • Since question keywords are long, they are good long search terms.

3. Performance Report From Google Search Console

At times, the best keywords are the ones you already rank for.

Why Should You Use Those?

Let’s say you have several pages on the 2nd or 3rd page on the search engine. Or you have a few long-tail keywords ranking, and you had no intention of optimizing them. The pages and long-term keywords only require extra SEO attention to hit the first page. That may take a few days or weeks.

4. Google Autocomplete

This is a tool that you have often seen in action when searching for anything online. It is an excellent way to find long key phrases because the suggestions you receive come directly from Google. To use Google autocomplete to research keywords, enter a keyword or type in the keyword plus a letter.

5. People Also Ask Boxes

Most SEO gurus use this technique to find question keywords. It is an easy technique to search for a keyword in Google and check the “People also ask…..” box in SERPs.

6. Soovle

This tool gathers keywords from common sites with high domain authority like YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, and

With the free tool, you can get untapped keywords that are difficult to get when using other keyword generating tools. Also, the tool can help you get keywords from sites that your competitors ignore. For better results, when using the tool, use a one-word keyword.

7. Forums And Boards

Where can you get thousands of interested persons asking questions about your interest topic if not in forums? It is essential to note that when you spot someone asking various questions on your topic in a forum, other people are searching for the same in Google.

To get better keyword results on forums, look for a platform that hosts most of your target audience. Also, you can use effective search strings, such as:

  • Keyword + discussions
  • Keyword + Board
  • Keyword + Forum
  • Keyword + Powered by Vbulletin

8. Google Trends

This is a great keyword research tool. Are you planning to kick off an SEO campaign? You need to know if people are interested in your keywords or not. To use this tool, head over to Google trends and then enter the keyword you wish to rank for into the search field.


Using long key phrases in your marketing campaigns is a win-win situation. You can get more qualified search traffic, better search rankings, and lower expenses per click. Therefore, these keywords have incredible potential.

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