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Top 10 Local SEO Resources On Strategies, Tips and Tools For Business

The Most Effective Local SEO Strategies, Tips and Tools copy

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, tips and tools are  key to driving more prospects to you, whether you have a single location business or a distributed chain of business.

It is very important to understand the factors which are instrumental in delivering high local rankings in the search engine. It completely depends on how it is done, and if it is in the correct way, local SEO can bring the most highly targeted consumer to the business.  Both mobile devices and personal computer will find your business if the local SEO is executed properly.

Here are some guides, articles and E-Books which will help you understand the pros and cons of local SEO.

  1. Ten Steps a Local Business Can Take Today to Improve SEO


Copyblogger tells us how to get more customers for our brick and Mortar business. If you want a stream of new customers we need to update our website and keeping it up-to-date can be a hard work. Nevertheless, this guide is going to help you a lot in this regard. The author says that we only need to focus our effort, schedule sometime and follow some steps referred by him to build a smart SEO strategy which will ensure our success. Click here to follow essential steps to get more customers for your brick-and-mortar business.

  1. Announcing the 2014 Local Search Ranking Factor Results


The Moz blog presents the local search factors survey results in this article. It discusses the overall ranking factors, what is new  and his own takeaways. It gives you all the information on local ranking factor results. Read this article here.

  1. How Local SEO Works and Why It Matters For Small Business


Scott Langdon in this article in Entrepreneur discusses the importance of local SEO. It offers the most relevant results to users. It is very important for small business as the competition is smaller your opponents are only the other businesses in the same location. Langdon says,”a great tool for small businesses because the competition is smaller — you’re only competing for position with other businesses in the same location. The better visibility you have on a SERP (search engine results page), the more likely that someone will click and convert.”. The in-depth article offers 8 tried and tested tips to improve local SEO. Read it here.

  1. Ten Trends In Local Media That Every Marketer Must Know


It is a futuristic guide, which tells you what does a local marketer need to know in 2015.  This Search Engine Land‘s article analyses the recent developments in local search, discusses the ten trends for 2015 and how these are going to help local advertisers immensely. A must for every local advertiser needs to think about local SEO, get it here.

  1. Local Strategy: Every Tool At Your Disposal Explained


The article discusses the problems of small companies which have logistic and infrastructure to compete with the big players but lacks in budgets. The writer has elaborately discussed some tools which are the ready- made solution of their problem. However the person who is running the business must understand the signs which indicate that these implementations become applicable. Check out this article.

  1. Google My Business: A Visual Tour of Google’s New Tool For Local Business And Brand


Google my Business is designed by Google to make it hustle free for the local businesses and brands to be found within Google. Danny Sullivan gives you an overview of this unified interface. To get more idea about it, click here.

  1. The Ultimate Guide To Local Schema


This guide tells you in detail what is schema and why we should invest our time to understand it. It also discusses how schema works and all the other facts related to it. At the end of the guide, the author refers to the tools and further reading material to get a better idea on the topic. Check the full guide here.

  1. Free Local SEO Tools That Belong In Your Kit


The author Miriam Ellis refers us some SEO tools from her personal tool kit. These tools are created by one-person shops to the United States Government and she expresses her gratefulness for their effort to make it easier and effective for the hard working local SEO. These tools are going to tell you where exactly you need to list your business. Read this article here.

  1. Ten Steps to Optimize For The Growing Wave Of Local Product Search


There is a huge competition to rank highest in local search results and Chris Silver Smith tells us how with the help of some tactics we can achieve it. Sometimes stores carry many products and brands which are not reflected in their business category or business name. These stores need to optimize for products in their local SEO strategy.  Get it here.

  1. 5 Things Most People Forget About Local SEO Entrepreneur


Neil Patel calls SEO tricky and gives 5 tips to make it simpler. He talks about accuracy and consistency in online listing and the importance of filling out the local directories to their maximum potential. Next he talks about building full-fledged local media account. Begging for reviews is another important step referred by him. Lastly he talks about honing in on hyper local SEO. Check this article for further insight.

We must understand the fact that we cannot achieve local SEO results overnight. There is not a magic wand to take your business to the highest peak of success. It needs hard work and well thought out plan to get the top local search results. The guides suggested in this article are of great help to those who aspires success in this field.


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