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How To Do Facebook Advertising For Your Business


Facebook  helps you reach all the people who matter most to your business.With more than  829 million daily active users and 1.32 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2014,  Facebook presents businesses with the opportunity to reach their target market.

Recently, facebook has launched a new ad platform, which gives an advertiser opportunity to do “people-based marketing, helping marketers reach real people across devices, platforms and publishers.”

Over the years, we’ve seen explosive growth in brand pages, types of advertising and other fun ways to monetize the audience on the platform.

Increased investment in Facebook as an engagement/acquisition channel has translated into requests from CEOs, CMOs and other CxOs about the return on that investment, says Avinash Kaushik, who interestingly discussed at length about Facebook Advertising / Marketing: Best Metrics, ROI, Business Value.

Why to Advertise on Facebook?

Some of the high points of why to advertise on Facebook are:

  •  It is the most popular social media site
  •  It offers targeted advertising
  • It allows you to target local and foreign prospects
  • Advertising on Facebook is relatively cheap

Yes, there are reasons to use Facebook Advertising. So if you really  want to use Facebook Advertising  to build awareness for your business, you can Download Free eBook “How to Use Facebook and Twitter for Business.

Download our eBook and Do IT Yourself. Else, ask an inbound agency to help you leverage Facebook Advertising for your business.

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