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How To Avoid Top 5 B2B Blogging Mistakes

Blogging Mistakes

Are you a B2B marketer not generating much engagement from your blog?

Wondering how to leverage your blog to drive revenue to your business and impact your bottom line positively?

Better, if you can learn from someone else’s gaffe. Each mistake, commonly experienced by marketers, provides a great learning moment which could help you plan out your inbound marketing strategy in such a way to bring better ROI for blogging. You can also take lessons from brands in B2B space using business blogging.

Essential Actionable Items before Starting B2B Blogging

But, you need to have following “Must –haves” before the launch of your blog:

  • Identify and analyze organizational goals
  • Study your resources carefully
  • Identify and establish your content creator
  • Nurture right culture in the organization

Now, we identify 5 mistakes out of several other reasons that could be avoided.

1.Not Informing the Top Decision Maker

If your marketing team starts a blog, without taking into confidence the decision maker, this mistake can have severe negative impact.

Your B2B marketing strategy can only have better results if it gets approval from the top management. They should be informed well in -advance about running a content marketing campaign. It is also essential to keep your brand positioning in sync with your inbound marketing strategy.

2.Not Sticking to Blogging Editorial Calendar

Sticking to your blogging editorial calendar and publishing blog post as per schedule is a must. Maintaining a regular schedule of blog posts not only enhances your organizational profile but also demonstrates your expertise and helps you generating leads.

You should take help from this free Excel blog editorial template. There are other blogging tools to organize, track and plan your blog content .

3.Not Promoting Your Blog Posts

Not promoting blog posts is one of the biggest mistakes a B2B marketer can do to its blogging.

It is fine to promote your products; it is always advisable to promote on social media apart from just reaching to your blog subscribers. Promoting yours on LinkedIn and in right groups to encourage discussion, sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ should always be done regularly.


Also, your marketing team must be aware of some optimization tricks and tools to make your blog posts more social sharable.

4.Not be Overly Sales-focused

The ultimate goal of B2B blogging is to generate leads for your business, even though it comes with numerous other benefits. Apart from creating your thought leadership, you are keen to boost your company’s sales.

But if your blog content is overly and overtly sales oriented, you are not going to get much engagement. Rather, you should build relationship with your community through your blog, and you are advised to desist from doing sales aggressively on your blog content.

5.Not be Informative and Educational

All marketers should understand the importance of being educative and informative with their blog posts. If your company’s blog continually offers value to its audience and customers, which would be beneficial to them, your blog will have regular and repeat audience.

Creating content around the needs, problems, and solutions of your customers is the foundation of having a loyal blog readership. Content in the form of videos, webinars, podcasts, storytelling, how-to guide, in depth practical tips or a best practice post from an expert, case studies and use cases are very effective for customer retention.

Your Takeaway

Don’t have a business blog just for the sake of having it. Rather, you should do it because you value it as an opportunity to share ideas, interact with your community and, in essence, showcase your expertise. Avoid committing such mistakes, and leverage the power of B2B blogging to the benefit of your organization.


Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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