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19 Best VOIP Service Providers To Establish A Unified Communications Solution

VOIP Service Providers

Voice communication services over the Internet has become popular with all business entities. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. How is VOIP different from traditional digital telephony mechanism?

The basic difference between a VOIP-based service and the traditional digital telephony mechanism is the medium of transmitting signals. In VOIP, digital information or signals are converted into IP packets, which then are transmitted over Packet-Switched Network.

Businesses love to use VOIP because they can make calls, and do other communications without any extra charges other than the cost of using internet services. It is also easily portable and easy to integrate with other mobile apps.

We have selected 19 best VOIP Service Providers that helps businesses of all sizes establish a Unified Communications solution.

1. 8×8

8×8 X Series is a solution that helps businesses of all sizes establish communication via text messaging, voice calls, and video conferencing. The team messaging module lets employees create project-specific public and private chat rooms to share files, store conversation history, and conduct meetings, among other operations.

8×8 X allows supervisors to use the operator switchboard to record calls and barge or whisper during sales calls. The video conferencing tool enables team members to use screen sharing and remote desktop control capabilities to collaborate on projects


2. Jive

Jive Interactive Intranet is a cornerstone of the modern digital workplace, a central hub for internal communications, employee collaboration, organizational knowledge, documents and more. Many leading companies worldwide rely on Jive to keep their employees including remote and deskless workers connected, informed and united. Jive give you full control over your call routing, the ability to create custom schedules and routing, and call sequencing features.

Jive doesn’t just help users find what they’re searching for, it understands their search intent and leads them to relevant information and people they weren’t even aware of. Jive is thoughtfully designed to grow with your organization so you’ll always be ready to tackle new use cases and support your people without additional costs or resources.

Jive goes beyond standard analytics to deliver unprecedented insights into how your people are working and collaborating.


3. Mitel

Mitel is a cloud-based VoIP phone system that offers collaboration and conferencing tools to enable information flow within the organization. It helps you invite people to conference line, retain conversation history, record calls, share desktops and more. It also offers tools to configure rules for prioritizing call routes. Users can also design flexible models for call overflows and convert voice messages to text automatically.


4. Vonage

The solution offers a business phone system that enables businesses to connect their VoIP phone system to internet-enabled devices and communicate via text, over the phone or via video conferencing.

Core features include call announce and screening, multiple devices on a single extension, do not disturb settings and more. Calls are managed through the admin portal, where account managers can review call recordings, set up dialing restrictions, adjust dashboard visibility for employees and view billing information.


5. RingCentral

RingCentral Engage Voice is a contact center solution designed to help small to large enterprises automate and streamline outbound and blended communications between customers and call centers. RingCentral Video lets you truly meet face-to-face with the high-quality audio and video expected in a business communications platform.

Its unified approach to message, video, and phone on any device, anywhere, puts us furthest to the right position for completeness of vision. It allows businesses to generate leads, recruit agents, conduct market research and manage fundraising campaigns.

6. is the modern, work-from-anywhere solution for today’s agile, mobile, and always-on entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

Unlike virtual-only phone solutions, is a true communications platform that can support physical phones as well as mobile devices and softphones. You’ll enjoy conferencing, texting, sophisticated call management, and more.

It gives you free software upgrades and new features so that your unified communications solution is always state-of-the-art. As your business grows, grows with you.


7. Nextiva

Nextiva is a Business VoIP service provider with superpowers. Nextiva enables businesses to work from anywhere with voice, text messaging, video conferencing, CRM, live chat and online surveys in one platform. Nextiva offers a complete platform that enables people to work from home with its audio conferencing and VoIP solutions.

Nextiva offers unlimited conference calls without any time limits. Conference calls with Nextiva take place over a high-definition VoIP line for maximum clarity for all participants.


8. Ooma

Voice Over Internet Protocol (commonly known as VoIP) is a technology that delivers voice communications and other multimedia through the internet. With VoIP, calls can be routed completely through any internet connection (including wifi) and can also be routed to other commonly used phone systems including landlines or cell phones.

When you make a VoIP call, your voice is transmitted from the phone and is then digitized into data packets. Each data packet is sent over the internet to a specified destination, and reconverted back to voice to complete the call.

In short, VoIP calls are essentially voice data transfers, but sound exactly like a traditional landline call thanks to advancements in digital and telecommunications technology.


9. OnSip

OnSIP is a complete business phone service delivered over the Internet with no PBX hardware to manage. Built on leading open communications technology, OnSIP hosted PBX is a total replacement for a proprietary PBX. Sign up and start making voice calls or hosting video conferences today with our desktop and mobile apps.

OnSIP hosted PBX takes just minutes to set up, and you can even keep your phone number. Enjoy all the features of a traditional phone system, including conference bridges, attendant menus, ring groups & ACD queues, and BHRs.

With the free OnSIP app—available on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows—you can use your mobile phone or computer to make HD voice and video calls, view coworker presence, dial contacts with a click, and manage your voicemails.


10. Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite is a voice over internet protocol solution that provides small to large enterprises with several tools to streamline business communications. The centralized platform enables users to send messages to colleagues and add media attachments to texts, improving collaboration across organizational departments.

Intermedia Unite include video conferencing, screen sharing, file management and data backup. Businesses can utilize auto attendants to automatically route incoming calls to specific departments and view weekly/monthly routing schedules.


11. Dialpad

A unified communications platform that connects your teams through voice, video, messages, and online meetings, Dialpad provides a comprehensive suite of advanced features to help streamline your business communications and improve productivity.

With Dialpad, you can expect a fast setup, hassle-free deployment, and the ability to provision and manage users with ease and efficiency.With Dialpad, installation, configuration, and user management are a breeze. In next to no time, you’ll increase productivity and collaboration by providing everyone in your organization a cloud-based communications platform that unifies voice and text communication.

The Chrome Extension puts basic Dialpad calling functionality and controls right in your web browser so you can make calls with just a click.


12. Citrix Grasshopper

Grasshopper lets you know when a call is business related so you can put your best voice forward. Your business will look bigger with features such as custom greetings and extensions that welcome callers and direct them to the right department or employee.

Make and receive business calls and texts from anywhere with our desktop or mobile apps. Take multiple calls at the same time by routing them to another phone or team member, so your customers never hear another busy signal.


13. Frontier

Frontier Business VoIP Phone Service provides an affordable, scalable, and flexible unified communications solution for businesses. A VoIP trunk solution for the forward-thinking enterprise opting to self-manage their voice, data, and Internet traffic.

It helps you reduce costs associated with maintaining and monitoring separate voice and data networks since IP Trunking utilizes the enterprise LAN and replaces more costly BRIs and PRIs. It offers Virtual Foreign Exchange, which supports DIDs from multiple rate centers on a single Trunk group.

With this, you can optimize bandwidth utilization as voice and data services share the same network resources within the enterprise and on the connection to the service provider.


14. GoToConnect

GoToConnect has everything your business needs to run completely virtually – from cloud-based business phones (VoIP), to video conferencing, text and chat. Employees can collaborate seamlessly through a single browser, desktop or mobile application, to stay productive and connected from anywhere.

It manages one budget-friendly cloud VoIP and meeting solution, deployable from any device. All backed and supported by GoTo – the most trusted brand in collaboration.

GoToConnect’s cloud-based, distributed architecture provides a solid, reliable foundation for successful remote working. Your employees have everything they need to communicate and get work done whether in the office, at home, or on the go.


15. Verizon

It works over a secure cloud-based VoIP connection, making it easy to manage your calls on desk phones and through a mobile app to keep your business running. You can keep your business running, even during a power outage, with its cloud-based VoIP connection that can reroute calls to another preset number.

It helps you manage your calls from anywhere you have an internet connection using its app and online dashboard. You can record your own message, advertisements, or play music for customers on hold. You can automatically forward calls to a preset number to help you maintain service in the event of a power outage.


16. CallHippo

CallHippo VoIP telephone system comes with a whole suite of features like call transfers, call recording, on-hold music, IVR answer, call distribution and many more. As it offers such wide features at an affordable cost, it is considered as best VoIP phone system for small business.

It helps you improve agents’ sales capabilities and get more conversions. You can close deals quicker with PowerDialer and click-to-dial while Instantly log calling and messaging activities across all devices to your CRM to improve productivity.


17. Skype for Business

Receive Skype calls on your office phones and make low cost calls by integrating Skype with your SIP or VoIP phone system. By adding Skype Connect to your existing SIP-enabled PBX, your business can save on communication costs with little or no additional upgrades required.


18. Genesys Cloud

The Genesys Cloud (formerly PureCloud) solution promises to make customer relationships simple. Built to handle any channel, the Genesys Cloud platform follows the conversation across communication channels—turning calls, email, chats and social comments into a conversation. Create fluid customer conversations across digital and voice channels. Predict and understand customer issues before they escalate — or before they even happen.

It makes it easy for agents to resolve issues fast with an intuitive interface. It also helps you empower employees to find solutions together with collaboration tools that let them talk, video, chat and search.

You can also seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and other CRM tools to add context to customer journeys.


19. Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is an application that acts as an all-in-one communication tool. The application allows users to make calls and chat with other Jabber users. You can make calls using a headset, desk phone, or using your computer’s microphone and speakers. You can collaborate anywhere on your Android smartphone and tablet.

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