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Blog Name Generator : How To Name Your Blog

Blog Name Generator

Naming your blog is one of the most important thing which we all tend to ignore completely. We all believe what is there in the name. but no the name of the blog is the first or the actual introduction of the blog and it is the name which defines if people or the user will come to the blog and click on it or not.

There is a blog name generator which helps in this process. And a blog name generator will bring out the best name for your blog. Blog name generator chooses the best name depending on a number of factors like:

  • Blog goals
  • Niche of the blog
  • Target audience
  • Traffic of the blog
  • Demographic interests
  • Competitors name
  • Brainstorming ideas

And a lot more.

1. What Are The Blog Goals And The Target Market?

Understanding of topics is very important for your blog. You must know and define that what your blog is trying to achieve. Once you are clear about the same. Then you will get an idea of what it is actually trying to represent and then which kind of blog audience are you looking to cater and then which kind of blog language should you maintain.

It is always suggested by the blog experts that the blog niche should be specific rather than being abstract. Your blog focus should be on one specific topic rather than jumping on multiple topics. If you will be focusing on multiple topics then obviously your blog name will also depend on that and vice versa.

And then with blogs, one of the most difficult part is trying to catch the attention and the time frame. In this age of speed and technology when the attention switches in micro seconds, your focus must be specific then only you will be able to achieve what you want to achieve. Also, it is a great deal of effort to make sure that the focus stays on the subject itself and thus on your blog.

Be prepared to come up with something which is original and is unique. Anything which is copied or not interesting will never attract blog readers towards your blog. Try to come up with your creative side. This will only bring out the best in your blog and thus you will enjoy blogging and all.


2. Geographical Boundaries

You don’t know or may be you don’t release but your target audience is what makes or breaks your blog. So, it is very important to first determine and then understand your target audience. And your target audience can be from different timelines or from different geographical areas which will make the work all the more difficult.

So, this is quite important to determine the geographical boundaries. It will not only help you in getting the correct name for your blog but also will help you in framing and designing the best content for your blog as well.

For Example : If you intend to cover the trend part or some latest sections in your blog. Then one of the interesting and must work topic which you must cover is the latest or best foods around your place. And this is where the geographical boundaries will play a major role. Geographical boundaries will help you determine if you want to continue with the same or how should you filter out the possibilities and a lot more.

This will also give you the broad scope to be working along. So, get ready to experience the best and one of the most complex part of blogging determining the geographical boundaries.


3. Leading Blogs And Their Name Analysis

Now, since you have started the journey of blogging, you will definitely be having some or the other blog inspirations in your mind. There will definitely be some or the other who you will like to follow and draw inspirations from.

So, here we are listing down five of the best and topmost blog names and let’s have a detailed analysis on how they have decided their names and so on.

  1. Nomadic Matt : This name is truly unique. Now, what does a true traveler does. A true traveler will never make a formal itinerary especially when it’s too closed and tight. There is a difference between a wanderer and a traveler. A wanderer will like to explore the unexplored parts of the country. To see where the world ends and where the world begins.
  2. Cupcakes and Cashmere : the combination of something which is sweet and delightful. This is actually a lifestyle blog where you get glimpses of food, fashion, travel and much more. Very good name and thoughtful approach to everything in life.
  3. Pinch of Yum : This is a lighthearted blog where the focus extends on a variety of topics. Here with a pinch of salt you can enjoy the life and with a sarcastic tone and a young approach you just let life cast the magic over yourself.
  4. Fabric of my life : Such beautiful words. Truly they are one of the most stunning and wisely chosen words which really bring magic into their content. This feels like a glimpse to their life and a lot more.
  5. Write Laugh Dream : This is more of a personal blog which is very similar to a personal diary. Here the personal ups and downs of one’s life are shared and thus you realise what the world will be from someone’s else eyes.


4. Blog Name Generator And Brain Storming

Blogs are designed to be informative and helpful. When you go through a blog then it must be interesting otherwise obviously your attention will drift away. Also, make sure that the blog name is surely something which is creative and so is the blog content.

A blog owner must write the blog right from his heart and then only he will be able to bring something authentic on the table or something which is worth engaging or rather connecting with the audience.

And thus when it comes to naming the blog, then you must go for different alternatives. Also, search for a lottery system which will help you to decide which all locations you want to go for.


5. Travel Blog Names


When you are looking for the travel blog names then first decide are you going for the luxury travel blog or may be a budget travel blog. It will accordingly impact your name and thus the blog content as well.

If you are looking for only a informative blog then may be you would like to keep the blog name and blog tone both quite formal and strict.

But if you are looking to loosen up a bit then the best is to go for a light hearted name which is both sarcastic and fun filled.


6. Food Blog Names

Decide which type of food is your favourate. You might want to go for a food which is local or may be you are looking to cover something which is high end restaurants.

Food blogs can also be how to make some delicacy. Or if you are interested in bakery items then that can also be included in food blog names as well.

So, generating a name for the blog can be much more difficult than you imagine it to be.

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