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25 Best Marketing Software For Businesses Of All Sizes

Best Marketing Software

an you organization accomplish all the major marketing tasks without having the best marketing software? Nowadays, most of the marketing tasks are done online. Email marketing, lead generation, measuring ROI, landing page creation — all these things are the parts of marketing.

A marketing software not only streamlines all these things, it makes seemingly complex tasks look easy.
When you are marketing team is small, you can manage all these thing without integrating marketing automation with your organization. But, once your team starts growing, you need the best marketing software.

A Marketing Software can help you accomplish following tasks:

  • With this, you can track and engage every buyers online
  • You can identify customers who are most likely to convert
  • It also helps you filter leads and analyze data
  • Every member of your marketing team’s revenue contribution can easily be measured with a marketing software.

1. Textedly Software

Textedly is a cloud-based SMS marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. The system offers mass group texting, text scheduling and customizable auto replies. Users can send texts over 300 characters long.

Textedly automatically gathers city, state and zipcode information for each subscriber. Incoming messages are free, and there is no limit to the number of subscribers Textedly users may have.

Textedly is priced on a per-month subscription basis.

2. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot is a leading growth platform. Over 52,000 total customers in more than 100 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers.

Marketing Hub offers a variety of solutions to attract more visitors, convert more leads, close more deals and ultimately delight more customers.With integrated blogging, and content creation tools you can create more of the content your prospects crave and make it impossible for them to miss it with SEO optimization built-in

HubSpot is comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, and gives companies the tools they need to Grow Better.

3. Pardot Marketing Automation Software

Pardot, a Salesforce company, is designed for organizations that primarily focus on business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing automation. This email marketing system offers automated support for the longer timespan and multi-step decisions associated with B2B sales.

The Enterprise edition offers more advanced capabilities such as custom security controls, increased storage space and a dedicated IP address.

Pardot’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model is built on the platform and integrates with Salesforce as well as Microsoft CRM, SugarCRM and Netsuite.

4. Notifii Software

Notifii is a cloud-based package management and community notification platform that allows users to streamline package management operations.

Primary features of Notifii include package information, the ability to log packages, automatic notifications and searchable history and reports.The platform is used by residential communities, students, businesses, corporations and universities.

Notifii integrates with entrata, Yardi, Rent Manager, ResMan and Realpage. The product is available on a monthly subscription basis and support is extended via phone, email, online help desk and documentation.

5. SharpSpring Software

SharpSpring is a fully integrated cloud-based marketing tool that offers customer relationship management, marketing automation, mobile and social marketing, sales team automation, customer service and more, all within one solution.

SharpSpring’s VisitorID feature helps identify anonymous site visitors by looking up their IP addresses, allowing users to see who is viewing their site, including their name and contact information. Other features include a Landing Page Builder and a Blog Builder.

SharpSpring can be utilized by both small and large businesses in a variety of industries including advertising, insurance, engineering, telecommunications and more.

6. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides integrated solutions that allow businesses to better track leads, automate field service, drive sales and improve operations using mobile, enterprise-ready business apps from the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers supporting apps for iOS, Androids, and Windows Phone; they are available offline, so users can work without data connectivity and data will sync automatically once a connection is reestablished.

Seamless integration with Outlook, Lync, SharePoint, OneNote, Word, and other Microsoft applications to save time and minimize double-entry.

7. SEMrush Software

SEMrush is a marketing solution designed to help enterprises streamline processes related to keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), advertising campaigns, brand monitoring and more.

SEMrush allows businesses to analyze performance of website content across social networks and plan or schedule posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It lets users identify topics for marketing articles, track task deadlines and utilize templates to manage SEO content.

SEMrush provides mobile applications, which helps professionals track the performance of top keywords.

8. Marketing 360 Software

Marketing 360 is a cloud-based marketing platform suited for entrepreneurs as well as small and midsize businesses. This solution allows organizations to run social media advertising campaigns, conduct search engine optimization (SEO) programs and analyze digital marketing performance

Marketing 360’s Natural Listing Ads feature helps users manage organic search results by tracking keyword volume and ranking. In addition, it analyzes competitors’ SEO performance with the same keywords and shares real-time reports providing organic conversion rates

9. Wix Software

Wix is a cloud-based landing page solution that helps users create and manage websites. The solution provides multiple templates with video backgrounds, fonts and animation. It allows users to customize the website with their own logo and branding.

Wix allows users to set up an e-commerce portal where users can display products, manage orders and payments. Pricing is per month and is based on bandwidth and storage provided.

10. Wrike

Wrike Marketing Software is designed specifically for marketing teams to streamline their workflows and stay on top of their work from end to end. Users can access the app’s advanced features for marketers to gain functionality in receiving, tracking, and generating a report on their projects.

From start to finish, Wrike Marketing Software assists you in every step of the management process of your marketing campaigns and strategies. Starting from ideation and planning, tools such as Requests, Tasks, and Projects help you streamline the intake process, organize each of your incoming work, and create an actionable timeline for your projects.

Wrike supports collaboration and teamwork with features such as threaded comments, document sharing, versioning, and live editing, among others. Overall, this tool can help you deliver your marketing programs on time with complete visibility and fewer errors.

Wrike Marketing Software is designed for high-performance marketing teams. It is equipped with a robust set of features to help you deliver your marketing projects successfully.

11. is one of the market’s leading collaboration and communication apps for teams including those working remotely. It is ideal for task management or project management, as it syncs all information in a single, accessible hub, and empowers agents and team members to make important decisions together.’s key field of action is streamlining contribution, and helping teams and departments perform in the best possible way. Another thing to be appreciated about is how it assembles and displays progress data in a logical and understandable manner, making it possible for all team members to keep track of projects and common operations.

Regardless of whether you’ve used a similar app before, can be embraced with no training or preparation. Yet, the company packed and offered a number of training materials for novice users which you can find on their website or YouTube channel.

As a communication hub, acts as the central place to integrate your other key communication channels such as Slack, Zoom, email and Microsoft Teams.

12. Bounceless

Bounceless is an email list verification software that helps clean out mailing lists of any size, filtering out invalid, inaccurate and unverified emails and leaving users with a clean and thoroughly valid email list. This tool is highly valuable for businesses, organizations, and digital marketing professionals who rely heavily on sending emails as part of their sales, marketing, and promotions strategies.

With Bounceless, users are treated to a friendly and simple interface that makes keeping their email lists clean and constantly updated to fully maximize their ROI. With Bounceless, users are treated to a friendly and simple interface that makes keeping their email lists clean and constantly updated to fully maximize their ROI.

13. Marketo Software

Marketo Engage helps marketing teams be the drivers of demand and growth in their companies by delivering exceptional experiences in concert with sales at every stage of the customer journey.

Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, offers a cloud-based email marketing platform for companies of all sizes to manage and monitor engaging customer relationships. This solution features integrated applications that deliver a range of capabilities including marketing automation, social marketing, lead nurturing, budget management, analytics, sales insight, and website personalization.

Marketo Engage is redefining a category of software called Marketing Automation by helping these companies bring together the customer data, content, automation and analytics needed for marketing and sales to coordinate engagement with customers that’s personalized and measurable at every touchpoint – and do it with efficiency and scale.

14. Groove

Groove is a cloud-based help desk software for small businesses. It helps companies to communicate with their customers via email, live chat, social media and phone calls. Key features include ticketing, live chat, knowledge management, reporting tools and customer self-service.

Groove allows users to converse with their customers on multiple channels through one platform.Users can set up an online knowledge base for customers. Groove also offers on-site support widgets such as an FAQ, contact forms and live chat. The software supports various integrations including Slack, Zapier, Facebook and Twitter.

Annual and monthly subscription pricing is available.

15 . Adapt

Adapt is a global B2B contact and company database provider across multiple industries. Adapt has 300,000+ users and 100 million business contacts, including industry-specific company database and contact information such as job title, direct dial, and email addresses.

With robust CRM integration and chrome extension, Adapt’s database enables sales representatives, marketing leaders, recruiters and decision-makers to connect faster, engage seamlessly and start prospecting without any delay. From finding the right connects to building qualified leads and engaging with prospects, Adapt is built for modern marketers and sales teams to hit the target faster.

16. Act-On

The Act-On Platform offers a complete suite of marketing automation applications to initiate and build productive customer relationships through cross-channel forms, landing pages, and email messaging, automated scoring, segmentation, and engagement programs that personalize communications and accelerate conversions while driving customer loyalty and advocacy.

Act-On’s marketing automation solution includes strategic and tactical elements for the modern marketer, including website visitor tracking, pre-built and configurable forms, landing pages, and emails, active prospect and customer scoring and segmentation, best-practice communications for email, mobile, social, and multi-touch programs, as well as deep integrations with the CRM, event, and other sales and marketing applications marketers need – with the fastest time-to-value in the industry and market-leading customer support services.

17. Net-­Results Software

Net-Results is a cloud-based marketing automation solution for small, midsize and large businesses. Primary features include lead management, lead scoring, marketing list management, email builder, social media management, insights and analytics.

Other features include sales alerts, sales workflow automation, web form builder, landing page builder and dashboards. The lead management module allows users to automate marketing workflow and tasks.

It allows users to schedule social media posts, track and score prospective leads based on their social media activities.

18. MailChimp Software

MailChimp is a web-based email marketing service with millions of users worldwide. The application allows users to share newsletters on various social networks and track customer engagements. The application provides tools to create targeted emails, run Facebook ad campaigns, automate followups and monitor campaign progress, among others.

The application offers graphical representations of data and customer interactions in various formats. MailChimp allows users to design, share and track email newsletters from any location. With interactive drag & drop interface, users can create and share attractive email campaigns

MailChimp also offers a mobile-based application for both Android and iOS devices. The application works as a shortcut to reach users’ email marketing accounts, enabling users to receive campaign updates, add subscribers and remain informed about social media activity.

19. Asana Software

Asana is a cloud-based project and task management solution that enables companies and ad agencies to manage and organize tasks and projects, communicate and collaborate. It is helpful for teams and companies that handle multiple projects at one time, and it can serve companies of any size.

Asana can be accessed through mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. It can also be accessed on both Android and iOS smartphones. The software is free for up to 15 users. Beyond that, the price band is based on the number of users a company has.

Asana can be integrated with various applications such as DropBox, Sunrise, HipChat, Slack, Box and Google Drive.

20. Trello Software

Trello is a visual collaboration tool for planning tasks and projects. While commonly used by agile software development teams, the solution is also used in other departments such as marketing, sales, support and HR.

Trello offers a digital board to create, organize and prioritize actions. Administrators or managers can even define workflows, assign tasks to individuals or teams, set deadlines and monitor progress. Trello cards allow users to collaborate with each other. Users can add comments, add members, and attach documents to the tasks assigned to them.

Trello integrates with a number of online applications including JIRA Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, Google Drive, GitHub and Slack.

21. Canva Software

Canva is a cloud-based graphic design tool used to create on-brand marketing content by enterprises of all sizes. This solution includes features such as drag-and-drop design and photo editing with access to custom fonts, frames, shapes, grids, and icons. A stock image library is also available in the tool. Canva’s pre-built templates include logos, posters, presentations, infographics, social media posts, newsletters, menus, plus thousands more.

With Canva’s graph maker, teams can create data visualizations such as custom charts and diagrams using internal data. Once visual projects are completed, teams can choose to publish online, share with others, or download.

Pricing for Canva is per user, per month, and billed yearly. Support is available via an online help center.

22. BuzzSumo Software

BuzzSumo is a platform for social media analytics and works as a data curating tool for content marketers. Based on enquirer reports and search queries, this cloud-based application searches the web-content and informs the enquirer of the success rate by calculating the number of shares and likes.

BuzzSumo has an advanced search engine that can identify content about a topic or a domain that has been shared many times, in order to better understand the reaction from the audience. It provides an organized platform which can be used to guide users through the flow of the content piece. It mainly gives insight into the success of the content through social media platforms.

23. SpyFu Software

Spyfu is a cloud-based marketing tool designed for businesses of all sizes. Key features include SEO performance analysis, API access, keyword rank tracking, SERP analysis and more.

Spyfu helps SEO and PPC professionals analyze competitors, increase website traffic, monitor their websites’ rankings on search engines and generate quality sales leads.

Additionally, marketers can use Spyfu to build a relationship with social media influencers, create customizable reports, estimate advertising spending and find quality backlinks to drive traffic. Spyfu also comes with an API that can help users automate requests and find data efficiently.

Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via live chat and phone.

24. MeetEdgar Software 

MeetEdgar is a cloud-based social media management solution that helps users organize and publish content across multiple digital platforms.

Designed for businesses of all sizes, MeetEdgar comes with a browser extension, which enables users to generate posts on articles and blogs. Its automation tool allows enterprises to create and post category-based content. Additionally, the product provides variation analysis to help users split test their messages and get weekly email updates.

MeetEdgar allows integration with various third-party applications such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Zapier. The product also offers Urchin tracking module tags, which allows businesses to shorten links and drive website traffic. MeetEdgar is available on a monthly subscription and support is extended via documentation, email and online help desk.

25. Zapier Software

Zapier is a cloud-based integration platform that helps businesses of all sizes automate daily workflows involving various applications. The solution enables users to transition data between web applications automatically while integrating apps with one-click functionality. Zapier allows users to define actions and set automatic triggers.

Primary features of Zapier include automated repetitive tasks reminders, online templates, activity dashboard, API maintenance, triggers and actions, online developer portal, new app updates and account management. Additionally, Zapier can be synced with Google Calendar and already existing tools.

Zapier integrates with applications such as Slack, Google Sheets, QuickBooks, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Docs and more.

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