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15 Best Logistics Management Software Platforms

Logistics Management Software

Logistics management software is responsible for managing the supply chain of products starting from the point of origin. This software helps in managing the transportation operations that includes maintenance on vehicles, creating routes and maps, and providing warehouse management solution.

Any Logistics software has some significant characteristics like:

  •  Supply Chain Management Software
  • Transportation Management Systems
  • Shipping Software

However, it is tough to figure out which one is best for your business. All the software simplifies the business processes and allows the logistic companies to manage all operational tasks involved. Since businesses have become sophisticated, this software is needed to remove the complex procedures

Mention below is some user-friendly logistic management software in the market. All of them come with a detailed analysis of their basic features. Go through the list and figure out the software that is suitable for your task.


1. ArcGIS

Best For Web-based and on-premise platform that helps businesses of all sizes with workflow automation, geocoding, spatial mapping, collaboration, workforce routing, data management, remote sensing and more.Featured InTop 20 Asset Tracking Software (2020)Product Details Integrated collection of GIS software products; provides a standards-based platform for spatial analysis, data management, and mapping.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • GIS
  • Law Enforcement
  • Location Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Public Transportation
  • Public Works


2. Frase

Best For Marketing Agencies, content marketers, content strategists, SEOs, growth marketers, government, healthcare.Product Details Frase’s AI-powered tools help you easily identify the questions your target audience is asking online, quickly create and optimize content capable of answering those questions, and instantly provide answers to curious or confused site visitors. Contact Details Frasehttp://www.frase.ioFounded in 2016Located in United StatesFrase Pricing Overview Frase pricing starts at $39.99 per month.They do not have a free version.Frase offers a free


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbot
  • For Sales
  • For eCommerce
  • Process/Workflow Automation


3. ChatBot

Best For ChatBot is designed for any company looking to design, build and deploy custom chatbots for sales, marketing and support. Product Details Automate key tasks right away by creating multipurpose chatbots with diverse templates and a visual builder. Connect ChatBot with various tools and platforms using one-click integrations, the open API, webhooks, and Zapier. Design smooth conversational experiences to build better relationships with your customers. Send dynamic responses that encourage customers to chat and interact. Mix and match text, images, buttons, and quick replies to show off your brand, products, and services.Contact Details LiveChat in 2002Located in United StatesChatBot Pricing Overview ChatBot pricing starts at $50.00 per month.They do not have a free version.ChatBot offers a free trial.See additional pricing details below.


  • Conversational AI Platform
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Conversational Marketing Platform
  • Live Chat


4. Amy

Best For Cloud-based meeting scheduling system which helps small to large businesses with live user onboarding, conference room booking, calendar and team management.Product Details Connect your calendars and can instantly review your availability and preferences to find ideal meeting times. Share a link to these time options or tell the AI to send them directly to guests. empowers you and your team to automate the most tedious parts of scheduling finding compatible times to meet with large groups, sending follow-ups and reminders, and managing cancellations and reschedule requests. We integrate with go-to tools, including Google, Outlook, Slack, and Zoom.Contact Details x.aihttps://x.aiFounded in 2014Located in United StatesAmy Pricing Overview Amy pricing starts at $8.00 per month, per user.There is a free version.Amy offers a free trial.See additional pricing details below.


  • Scheduling -Alerts/Notifications, Appointment Scheduling, Automated Scheduling, Class Scheduling, Employee Scheduling, Facility Scheduling, Group Scheduling, Multi-Location, Real-time Scheduling, Resource Scheduling, Room Booking Management
  • Artificial Intelligence -Chatbot, For Sales, Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)


5. Starmind

Best For Our clients are large companies with at least 1000 knowledge workers, from various industries. With Starmind, global organizations can bust team and location silos.Product Details Starmind unlocks employees collective intelligence and expertise to supercharge productivity, innovation and career development. Patented artificial intelligence identifies subject matter experts across enterprises, accesses undocumented knowledge and generates employee skill profiles that are the foundation for upskilling, re-skilling and workforce planning. Starmind has helped businesses worldwide gain over $1.4 billion as a result of productivity savings.ScreenshotsContact Details Starmind AGhttps://www.starmind.comFounded in 2010Located in United States


  • Employee Communication Tools
  • Activity/News Feed
  • Knowledge Management


6. Clickworker

Best For We serve Data Scientists and help them to create Datasets for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence training Product Details Cloud technology platform for data management and AI algorithms training.Contact Details Clickworkerhttps://www.clickworker.comFounded in 2005Located in United StatesClickworker Pricing Overview Clickworker pricing starts at $0.03 as a one-time payment.They do not have a free version.Clickworker offers a free trial.See additional pricing details below.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbot
  • For Healthcare
  • For Sales
  • For eCommerce
  • Multi-Language
  • Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)


7. Vestorly

Best For Designed for marketers, it is a content curation engine that automatically learns about business audience and helps enhance engagement.Product Details Marketing assistant that creates and distributes email newsletters, captures contact information from social media content and email.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Customer Engagement
  • Lead Generation


8. Braina

Best For Braina is being used by thousands of businesses and professionals in more than 180 countries to convert speech into text and voice control PC.Product Details Multi-language speech recognition software with the ability to dictate in any third party software or to fill forms on websites. Apart from dictation, Braina also provides voice command features that allows you to search the web, open file, programs & websites, find information, set reminders, take notes and much more. You can use your voice to dictate text to your Windows computer, automate processes and improve your personal and business productivity.


  • Artificial Intelligence -Chatbot, Multi-Language, Process/Workflow Automation, Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)
  • Speech Recognition -Audio Capture, Automatic Transcription, Concatenated Speech, Customizable Macros, Multi-Language


9. FirstScreen

Best For Organizations that have burdened, inefficient workflows in finding true talent (wasted time on phone screens) this is for you. The moment you see how the platform works, it’ll just “click” for you.Product Details Every day, you and your team have phone calls that are key to your department and organization’s goals. The only problem is that many of those calls end up not delivering the value you need to be successful. Whether it’s initial phone screens, customer feedback collection, product research, sales lead qualification or other business-specific phone calls, our platform empowers your customers, candidates, sales prospects and employees to SELF-SERVE automated calls.


  • Recruiting -Background Screening, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Requisition, Reference Checking, Self Service Portal
  • Artificial Intelligence -For Sales, For eCommerce, Process/Workflow Automation, Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)
  • Talent Management
  • Recruitment Management


10. Applicare

Best For Typically Fortune 500 to Global 2000 companies. But Applicare infra and app performance monitoring is like plumbing in a house, hence anyone and everyone running applications would benefit from it.Product Details Today’s complex application environments are difficult to monitor, manage and troubleshoot. Using the Arcturus IntelliTrace, and IntelliSense technologies, Applicare tunes applications, monitors transactions and self-detects problems. Get visibility to every business transaction, every application, every where.


  • Application Performance Management -Baseline Manager, Diagnostic Tools, Full Transaction Diagnostics, Performance Control, Resource Management, Root-Cause Diagnosis, Server Performance, Trace individual transactions


11. Arya

Best For Arya enables corporate recruiters, staffing firms, and RPOs of all sizes to source and engage with qualified job candidates by combining the benefits of AI with the power of human touch.Product Details The Arya recruiting platform from Leoforce layers artificial intuition on top of predictive analytics and proprietary machine learning models to automate the process of sourcing, qualifying, and engaging job candidates. Arya empowers recruiting organizations to analyze multi-dimensional individuals, unlock historical insights, and truly understand people. This enables those in talent acquisition to focus on what they do bestbuild quality relationships with ideal candidates.


  • Recruiting -CRM, Interaction Tracking, Interview Management, Job Requisition, Recruiting Firms, Resume Parsing
  • Artificial Intelligence -Chatbot, Multi-Language, Predictive Analytics, Process/Workflow Automation, Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)


12. Botmind

Best For Digital customer experience companiesProduct Details The platform helps companies to deliver a better customer experience combining human and artificial intelligence through live chat.


  • Artificial Intelligence -Chatbot, For Sales, Multi-Language, Process/Workflow Automation



Best For Evie is available globally in English to all enterprises, SMEs and startups across all industries, and is currently serving 360 companies across 48 countries. Product Details The first AI Assistant platform for the Intelligent Enterprise, Evie provides scheduling, project management and recruiting assistants out-of-the box. Powered by Evie’s proprietary MetaFlow¿ Engine for natural language understanding, reasoning & planning, Evie supports custom integrations with CRM, ERP and other enterprise systems to delivers on the promise of a highly-efficient, intelligent & autonomous enterprise which scales.


  • Artificial Intelligence -Process/Workflow Automation, Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)


14. InvolveSoft

Best For Organizations that do not fit the traditional company mold including having a: -Dispersed workforce -flexible work hours -recent hires and/or acquisitionsProduct Details At Involve we are dedicated to helping leadership drive company alignment using Artificial Intelligence and analytics. Involve’s Instagram like platform helps leaders successfully communicate with a dispersed workforce & receive AI-driven real-time insights on sales, customers, & market trends. Our platform has the ability to deep dive into your employee communication channels and delivers the most valuable nuggets of insight in order for proactive, actionable changes to be made.


  • Employee Engagement -Benchmarking, Employee Recognition, Goal Management, Performance Management, Pulse Surveys
  • Digital Workplace -Activity/News Feed, Calendar Management, Content Management, Document Management, Employee Directory, File Sharing, Knowledge Management, Surveys & Feedback



Best For THRON customers include Valentino, Whirlpool, Maserati, RTL 102.5 Radio, MSC Cruises, La Martina, Eataly, Furla, Pitti Immagine, Carrefour among others.Product Details The software THRON helps brands manage, control and distribute their digital assets and products across all channels, removing duplication, simplifying approval and publication processes and reducing all infrastructure and integration costs. In addition, thanks to Content Intelligence, it maximizes the value of content. THRON Content Intelligence, in fact, profiles every user (even anonymous) who visits the brand content: on the basis of this, it determines their real-time interests.


  • Digital Asset Management -Asset Categorization, Asset Library, Asset Sharing, Customizable Branding, File Conversion, Metadata Management, Mobile App, Reporting/Analytics, Search/Filter, Version Control, Workflow Management
  • Artificial Intelligence -For eCommerce, Multi-Language, Predictive Analytics, Process/Workflow Automation
  • Content Marketing -Audience Targeting, Brand Management, Categorization/Grouping, Distribution Management, Multi-Channel Publishing, Video Management

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