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Ibi is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics software. It provides solutions for different groups like teams, analysts, business workers, customers, and partners. The software allows its u.. View Profile


ArcGIS is simply an information system that works with maps and geographic information. It is a mapping and analytics software that provides healthcare businesses, manufacturing, banking, and other in.. View Profile

Deltek Vision

Deltek Vision is a simple cloud-based software, and is useful for cloud or on-premise deployment for different professional services forms. The software includes project accounting, project management.. View Profile

Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics service powered by Microsoft. This software aims to create interactive visualization and BA capabilities for the user. The interface of the software is relatively easy.. View Profile


Online visibility management and content marketing platform, SEMrush helps businesses improve their online presence. It is immaterial on which kind of platform you want your business to gain visibilit.. View Profile

Microsoft SQL Server

Coming from Microsoft, the Microsoft SQL Server is a database management system that provides multiple benefits. As a prominent database server, the Microsoft SQL Server is software whose primary job .. View Profile


Tableau is one of the most prominent players in the Analytics and Business Intelligence platform. It is also the world’s most secure, flexible, and powerful platform. The software can easily be used.. View Profile


With the Prisync software, you can increase sales growth and profit margins quickly by unveiling your competitors’ prices. You can define the products in bulk or just add them one by one and also ad.. View Profile

Germain APM

The Germain APM provides a custom monitoring, analytics, and automation platform that you can use to boost UX. The cost and time invested are less, and you get the help as well. Unlike its many compet.. View Profile


Qlik View is a classic analytics solution that can be used for developing highly interactive applications and dashboards. The insights you receive can help the user to tackle business challenges comin.. View Profile