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20 Must-Have Best AI Paraphraser Tools: Elevate Your Writing Game

Best AI Paraphraser Tools

Content marketing is the future of today. The websites draw the attention of the customers on the basis of the content they have posted. However, it is not always easy to find unique content or write it down. In such a situation, finding someone to do the needful is what we need. A paraphraser tool converts an already written text into totally different content.

That way, Google does not penalize the user for using plagiarized content. Using AI technology, the content generated is unique and offered rather quickly. Here we will share the top 20 paraphrasing tools that you should consider.

Best AI Paraphraser Tools

1. Quillbot Paraphraser

The Quillbot tool is rather adept at its job of writing down unique content. It Can even change the tone of the content to offer clarity. They offer two free and five premium modes to customize the text at hand. The tool works with major platforms like Google Chrome, Word, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

2. Penelope AI

This tool is a sophisticated writing assistant. It can speed up your writing effortlessly without any effort. You can paraphrase, summarize, and generate a story as per your requirement.

3. SpellCopy

SpellCopy is an AI-powered app that simplifies the task of generating content. You can write social media campaigns, emails, website content, and much more. The text is engaging and effective and works well for you.

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4. GPTinf

The tool allows you to rephrase and create content that is undetectable by plagiarism detectors. Though the content may have grammar errors, you could fix them with Grammarly. It is not a standard paraphrasing tool and only use to escape plagiarism.

5. Franz AI

This tool is a Chrome extension that you can use for rewriting a particular content. Just select the content you wish to rephrase. The size of the tool is small, so it’s easy to work on Chrome post-installation.

6. Netus AI

Here, users can create original content without losing the tone of the previous content piece. This tool generates content up to 10 times faster than regular methods. It can be used by content creators, digital marketers, SEO experts, etc.

7. Rewrite It

The tool is helpful for rewriting any type of content. This includes email, social media copy, white papers, etc. You can summarize content to make it easy to grasp. You can also use the tool for grammar checks and completing the write-up better.

8. Rite Bot

The Rite Bot tool helps users to save time and effort while writing. The content produced is free from any grammatical errors. It can be used for a variety of writing tasks like academic writing, content creation, etc.

9. Pod Genie

This is a unique tool that you can use to create unique podcasts. Just use the RSS feeds and make podcasts which could be useful in creating newscasts etc. The tool keeps you updated on all the latest AI happenings, making it easy to work.

10. Undetectable AI

As the name suggests, the tool allows you to create content that looks human. It adopts a holistic approach to writing, thus retaining the original meaning of the content. Plus, Google is unable to detect if the content is human-written or AI written.

Book online reading vector concept metaphor.11. Bogar.AI

The Tool has everything that is needed to set up a business. It helps in writing blog posts, Instagram posts, product descriptions, and more. It has 40+ AI templates, Multi-language support, priority email support, and much more.

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12. Write AI. Tech

The tool has numerous sub-tools to use and explore. It is helpful for writing long-form content. So you can use the tool for writing Ebooks, long blog posts, etc. Perfect for professionals who wish to use automation in their work.

13. Textify

This is an AI membership plan that offers many sub-tools. This includes a grammar checker, rewriter, summarizer, AI writing detector, etc. With only one membership, you get a complete writing tool that helps your business.

14 StudyCrumb

With the tool, you can rephrase the same essay as many times as you want. It is beneficial for students who have to submit content regularly. With an easy-to-use interface, the tool does not enquire any effort.

15 Linguix

This is a free writing tool that helps to change content across various platforms. It identifies any grammar, brevity, engaging content, and other language issues. The tool would evaluate content based on readability, engagement, style compliance, etc.

16. Better Synonyms

As the name suggests, this tool is helpful in finding suitable synonyms for your task. It provides very accurate synonyms just by reading the word for which synonyms are wanted. Perfect for content writers and students wishing to hone their assignments.

17. Rephraser AI

This tool is perfect for rephrasing any kind of content. This would help you in changing it as per the tone required. You are allowed multiple revisions to the same type of text. This enhances the quality of the write-up.

18. Word AI

With this tool, you can use AI to fasten the content creation process. This increases the productivity of your tasks. By automating content generation, you save your time for other jobs. It lets you produce engaging content that attracts users.

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19. Bearly

Now, you can conveniently access this tool from any desktop. Find any kind of information and thus save your time. The tool helps streamline your reading, writing, and editing tasks. It also has auto-correct and grammar-checking for your text.

20. Paraphraser

if you wish to write content in different languages, it is wise to use the Paraphraser tool. This tool provides content writing in 100 languages. Comes with multiple tools like composer, plagiarism checker, paraphraser, etc. The content is paraphrased within seconds to save you time.

Why Should Companies Choose AI Paraphrasing Tools?

Often the content we write is similar to a previous one. Google then penalizes us for using duplicate content. To avoid this situation, companies can opt for paraphrasing tools. Thanks to AI tools, it has become extremely simple to write new and fresh content every time. Companies should select AI paraphrasing tools for the following reasons:

  • It offers fresh content every time
  • You can get variations of the same idea
  • The content remains plagiarism time
  • Due to quick creation of content saves a lot of time
  • Can alter the content as per the tone required

With unique AI paraphrasing tools, companies excel at their content creation process. This increases their sales and helps them attain growth goals.

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