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12 Best Google Chrome Extensions To Capture Screenshot In 2020

Google Chrome Extensions

Few years ago, screenshots were not very popular. But now screenshots are being used for many purposes. We need to capture screenshot of a website to send it as an attachment to our clients. It is being used for educational purposes also. Somebody comes across a funny message on social media, and he may want to WhatsApp it their friend. He needs a good screenshot tool.

We have selected 12 best Google Chrome Extensions to capture screenshot of anything –scene from a YouTube video, full web page, a funny message on social media or anything you want to capture.

1. Awesome Screenshot

Capture your screen with Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder, a powerful tool for screen sharing, used by millions of users. Save screen recordings & screenshots to and share your videos and images instantly with unique shareable links.

The two-tab popup menu allows you to switch between screen recording and screen capture easily.
Want to share your screen for cases like reporting technical issue, making product demo or how-to tutorials? Set the Record tab as the primary tab in Options and start recording whenever needed.

2. FireShot

Take full webpage screenshots. Capture, edit and save them to PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG, upload, print, send to OneNote, clipboard or email. Capture pages fully and entirely. Create PDF files from web pages. Instant screenshots are stored locally, and produce no traffic. FireShot can work offline also.

No ads, spyware and unnecessary permissions – you’re just in a couple of clicks away from an ideal screenshot.

3. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Screen Capture full web page or any part. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts – record video from your screen. It enables you screen capture whole or partial screenshots. With this, you can also edit and annotate screenshots. You can also trim and crop screencasts, and can convert video to gif and mp4.

Nimbus Screenshot supports horizontal scrolling. The editor interface allows editing objects even after you add them to the screenshot (and this feature is totally unique).


4.  Blipshot

It is really fast and simple one-click full-page screenshots with drag and drop facility. Blipshot allows you to take a full height page screenshot in just one click. Why wasting time if you just want a screenshot? This extension works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

5. GoFullPage

It helps you capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions.

Its advanced screen capture technology handles complex pages—including inner scrollable elements as well as embedded iframes—unlike any other extension.

In order to screenshot the entire page it must scroll to each visible part. For the rare scenario where your page is too large for Chrome to store in one image, it will let you know and split it up into images in separate tabs.

You can export your result to PNG, JPEG, or various PDF paper sizes—all configurable from the extension’s options.


6. Entire page screenshot

This is a open-source extension for taking screenshots. This extension is able to capture 100% of both the vertical and horizontal content appearing on any webpage on the Internet. It is very easy to save the captured file onto your computer or print it / or share it to any social network.

You can Save the screenshot on your computer as PNG file. You can also attach the screenshot directly to Gmail messages..


7. Gmail Screenshot 

This is a lightweight Chrome extension that will let you screenshot anything you see on your screen, so you can write text on your screen capture, crop it, pixelate sensitive information. This is an excellent communication tool for any graphic designers, remote teams, project leaders, and more!


8. Clipular

Clipular is a camera and collection tool for the web. It lets you share and group any screenshots in Chrome. If you stumble upon something on the web, such as a Facebook comment, a Tweet, a YouTube video, just clip them to your clipboard in Clipular.


9. Twitter Screenshots

Capture high-resolution and beautiful screenshots of tweets with one click. Screenshots Guru adds a little camera icon to every tweet on the Twitter website for you to instantly screen capture the tweet and download as a retina PNG image.

Unlike most other screen capture tools, Screenshot Guru cleans the tweet of any distracting elements and what you get is a beautiful frame-worthy screenshot of the tweet.

Internally, it fetches the Tweet HTML using the oEmbed protocol, renders the tweet inside Headless Chrome, coverts the web page into a PNG Screenshot with Puppeteer running on the Google Cloud platform. Everything is automated and none of your data ever gets recorded or saved anywhere.


10. Screenshot YouTube

With this, you can take a screenshot of any YouTube video with one click. It adds a “Screenshot” button to the YouTube video player which saves a screenshot of the currently playing video as a file, or copies it to the clipboard, or both.

This extension does not contain any malicious or tracking code. No viruses. No ads. Only good software.


11. Screencastify

All of its recording features are now free. You can enjoy unlimited recordings up to 5 minutes each – with no watermark, ever. It has also unlocked video trimming and export options for free users.

It is a very simple screen recorder that will supercharge the way you communicate at work. With this, you can record, edit and share HD videos in seconds. Instead of typing up long emails, reports or documentation, deliver your message more quickly and clearly with a screen video.

12. HTML Elements Screenshot

HTML Elements Screenshot enables you to capture a full or partial screenshot from any webpage. It uses an open-source JavaScript library called – html2canvas. To work with this add-on, simply click on the toolbar icon to activate the add-on. Then, select any desired element with mouse left-click. Once you select an element, a popup window will appear that contains a loader image. Once the operation is done, the loader will be replaced with the screenshot. Now you can download the image to your machine by clicking on the download button.

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