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8+ Best Free And Paid Chatbot Builder Platforms That Will Boost Your Revenue

Free Chatbot Builder

Ever since digital marketing spread its wings, chatbots became a unique channel relating to customers and brands. However, with time the chatbots have been over-utilized, and this reduces their effectiveness. While earlier, the chatbot’s; response was 50%, it is now reduced to a maximum of 5-10%.

Yet, the marketing guys are not going to ignore Live Chat Software, and maybe you are also required to build a chatbot for your business. There are many free chatbot builders that you may make your choice from. However, there is no need to hurry and read the details of the best chatbot builders available at present.

All these chatbot builders tackle the job rather well. They have been compared with details of each of them given separately. You can read through each and find out a few that would work correctly for your need.

Best Live Chat Software

1. Live Chat Software By HubSpot

With HubSpot’s Live Chat Software you can easily customize your chat widget to match the look and feel of your brand. It also helps you create targeted welcome messages for different web pages or segments of your audience. What is the best about this software is that it enabled you to connect with visitors when they’re most engaged.

2. Mobile Monkey

MobileMonkey will connect you to customers automatically using the messaging apps they’re already using!

That goes for Facebook Messenger, SMS, and native website chat, with more messaging platforms added all the time!

A build-once, works-everywhere bot builder is just the technology you need to work smarter, not harder when building effective sales funnels using chat automation.

Whether you’re writing conversations that answer questions along the customer journey, or writing lead capture and lead qualification forms, you only write those dialogs once for customers, regardless if they’re using Facebook Messenger, SMS or the like.

MobileMonkey’s patent-pending OmniChat technology translates every chatbot you create to each of the supported messaging platforms.

3. Chatfuel

Chatfuel was born in the summer of 2015 with the goal of making bot-building easy for anyone. Today, we are the leading platform for building bots on Facebook Messenger.

Bots automate communication with humans through messaging applications. Since messengers have become the most heavily used mobile apps, bots have emerged as effective instruments that are changing the world of digital marketing.

Messenger Marketing today is what email marketing and landing pages were a decade ago. It’s fundamentally changing the way businesses interact with their prospects and customers. Our customers are using bots to increase sales, improve conversions, qualify leads, and automate support on Facebook.

4. Botsify

Build intelligent virtual assistants for your websites, Facebook pages, and messaging apps.

By automating your conversation with multiple features, makes virtual interaction with your customers more natural, more engaging, and ultimately, more human.

  • Generate More Leads with Conversational Forms: To store user information in a spreadsheet or into your CRM use these customizable conversational forms, which are accessible on any platform
  • Switching from Chatbot to Human Support: Through a live chat feature now you can jump in at any point without any fear.
  • Speak Multiple languages: With this feature make your chatbot conversating into 190+ languages

5. ChatterOn

ChatterOn Bot Builder marries user conversation flow with AI, which means that you can direct users whithout affecting their flexibility to explore your services using natural language.

You can handle all types of rich content responses from inside the Bot Builder as it allows you to connect different APIs at each interaction with the user.

  • Pre-Built Chatbots: Choose from over 20 pre-built chatbots with intent, entities, and conversation flow
  • Easy to Use: Sign Up and deploy an AI-powered chatbot within a few minutes directly on the cloud.
  • Machine Learning: The platform gets better with every interaction and as a developer, give only 10 examples to get started.
  • End-to-end Solution: From setting up AI to building the user flow, everything can be achieved.
  • Well Documented: Exhaustive documentation to ensure that you don’t have to search for solutions elsewhere.
  • Rich Content: Our platform supports rich content payloads like carousels, buttons, photos, gifs, and videos.
  • Business Integration: Connect your existing backend APIs with our chatbot platform for easy and seamless integration.
  • Monetize: Start monetizing your chatbot from day one with contextual & relevant advertisements from Radbots

6. Dialogflow

Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform that makes it easy to design and integrate a conversational user interface into your mobile app, web application, device, bot, interactive voice response system, and so on. Using Dialogflow, you can provide new and engaging ways for users to interact with your product.

Dialogflow can analyze multiple types of input from your customers, including text or audio inputs (like from a phone or voice recording). It can also respond to your customers in a couple of ways, either through text or with synthetic speech.

7. IBM Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant is a conversation AI platform that helps you provide customers with fast, straightforward and accurate answers to their questions, across any application, device or channel. By automating responses to common inquiries, Watson Assistant reduces the burden on your agents and the risk of disruption during peak times. This lets your agents focus on complex use cases – not repetitive responses – and helps customers resolve issues day or night.

Most chatbots try to mimic human interactions, frustrating customers when a misunderstanding arises. Watson Assistant is more than a chatbot. It knows when to search for an answer from a knowledge base, when to ask for clarity, and when to direct users to a human.

Provide fast, consistent responses across any channel by using the same underlying technology for voice and text-based interactions – not multiple-point systems. Keep interactions intuitive and repeatable, using consistent features and capabilities to help customers resolve issues quickly and effectively.


Rasa is essential in creating great AI assistants. Building contextual assistants & chatbots that really help customers is hard. Rasa provides infrastructure & tools necessary for high-performing, resilient, proprietary contextual assistants that work. With Rasa, all developers can create better text- and voice-based assistants.

Understand messages, use machine learning to improve those conversations, and integrate assistants & chatbots with existing systems and channels. Used by developers, development teams, and enterprises.

Rasa invests in extensive research to create leading-edge conversational AI, enabling developers to create the best text- and voice-based assistants, without a dedicated research team

Rasa’s NLU provides developers with the technology to understand messages, determine intent, and capture key contextual information. Supports multiple languages, single and multiple intents, and both pre-trained and custom entities

Assistants built on Rasa can hold meaningful conversations with users – multi-step conversations that remember context and integrate business logic. Rasa learns interactively from real conversations – no state machines

9. PandoraBots

SuperFish wanted a standardized solution for English language learning in rural areas of China where there is a shortage of English-speaking teachers. Their chatbot employs speech recognition technology to enable self-directed practice, interactive lessons, and more.

By licensing Pandorabots modules, Superfish was able to immediately introduce a robust, free-form English language conversation practice partner to supplement their internally developed content and lesson plans. The Pandorabots platform allows them to continually improve and target their chatbot content based on real-time student usage.

SuperFish students show superior English comprehension and language skills on national tests relative to their peer group, leading to government support for the adoption and expansion of the SuperFish AI platform in additional provinces.

Over 500,000 students used SuperFish AI for language learning in 2019, and the platform continues to leverage Pandorabots’ conversational AI technology to rapidly scale support for more languages and reach additional demographics on other voice and messaging channels.

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