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17 Best Influencer Marketing Tools To Find Influencers

Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer marketing is gaining a lot of popularity these days. If you do not have a platform to coordinate this work, you will have to build relationships with these influencers yourself. First of all, you will have to identify the influencers you should work with. Thankfully many influencer marketing tools make this job easy for you.

Since you need some detailed analysis to decide, we selected the top influencer marketing tools to guide you. These tools help in finalizing the influencers and sorting out the campaigns you run with them. Some of these influencers are widely available on social media, and this software enables you to choose them. Go through the list and select the tools that are appropriate for your task.

1. BuzzStream

At BuzzStream, it’s our mission to help marketers build the relationships with influencers they need to get that attention, drive word-of-mouth traffic, improve search performance, and increase awareness.


  • Email Research Tool
  • Extract Domain from a URL
  • Extract Links from HTML
  • Extract Page Title, Description and Keywords from Urls
  • Link Building Query Generators
  • Extract Descriptive Text from a Url
  • Build outreach lists from blogrolls


2. NinjaOutreach

Create effective influencer marketing campaigns by filtering through millions of influencers insights to find the one that captures your target audience’s attention.

As the influencer industry grows and becomes more professionalized, the top companies are increasing their marketing spend in this sector. With transparency and hard data, we are here to help you grow your business on solid foundations.


  • Find Business Profiles, Influencers & Emails
  • Double The Pleasure, Double the Influencer Marketing and APIs
  • Manage Big Campaigns & Multiple Projects Easily


3. Awario

At Awario, we want you to be the first to know when important conversations spark out online. Unlike other monitoring apps that rely on a single third-party data provider, we crawl over 13 billion web pages daily, in addition to the APIs. So when we say Awario is the most immediate way to learn about new mentions, we aren’t messing around.


  • Non-stop monitoring
  • Powerful analytics
  • Social selling
  • New discussions in your inbox.
  • Important conversations first.
  • Handy folders for an organized workspace
  • Only relevant discussions
  • Take your mentions mobile


4. Buzzsumo

Use our content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your performance and identify influencers.

BuzzSumo to reveal the truth about what content works and what sinks without a trace.

Hundreds of teams use BuzzSumo every day as part of their workflow.


  • Discovery
    Exlore high-performing content so you can get more likes, links and shares.
  • Research
    Analyze billions of data points to sharpen your marketing strategy.
  • Influencers
    Identify influntial people to power-up your brand or campaign.
  • Monitoring
    Track comments and trends so you can respond rapidly and capture opportunities.


5. Upfluence

Upfluence is the only influencer platform that lets you identify organic influencers in your own customer base & website audience. Collect social data when visitor’s are browsing your site or during checkout, analyze their social data, and add them to your affiliate campaigns.

Gain insights into an influencer’s performance by analyzing audience size, engagement rates, posting habits and more. Combine their social data with their purchase history to reveal your most influential customers.

Streamline your influencer marketing campaigns and stay on top of all your collaborations with a customizable Influencer Relationship Management dashboard.

Measure your campaign’s success with advanced analytics dashboards. Calculate your ROI, total earned media value, impressions, and reach and view a summary of all media engagements.



Influence & Co. makes content marketing simple by providing a full‑service solution to help companies strategize, create, publish, and distribute content that accomplishes their goals.

Creating content that drives results for your business is difficult. That’s why we’ve developed a tried‑and‑true process that allows us to work alongside your marketing team to develop authentic content on a consistent basis that accomplishes your unique goals — saving your company time and money along the way and allowing you to focus on your business.


7. HypeAuditor – Top Instagram Influencers Ranking

The Instagram Influencers Rankings helps marketers to understand the real landscape of influencers in their target country or niche to make better marketing campaigns. Until recently it was almost impossible to do because of the rise of cheating methods among influencers. Over 30% of Instagram accounts are fake and non-active.

  • Find the best influencers with Influencer Discovery, the largest in the market
  • Industry standard in advanced Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok analytical reports
  • Boost your ad campaign performance & track account growth over time

We’ve developed an innovative technology that makes the influencer marketing industry fair and transparent. HypeAuditor’s goal is to help marketers create outstanding and effective influencer marketing campaigns using a data-driven approach.


8. AspireIQ

The AspireIQ platform takes a more hands off approach than previous entries on this list. The company describes it as a self-service platform that offers access to over 150,000 influencers across major social media platforms. This makes it a good fit for agencies, or brands that create their own marketing campaigns in-house.

Keeping with the all-in-one goal of the platform, AspireIQ also has a solid focus on the actual creation of content. Called the Creator Collaboration Toolkit, the platform streamlines the process of working with influencers. Roles and tasks can be assigned, while built-in tools assist with the creation and management of each piece of content. You can then track each campaign’s progress, monitoring its reach and the ensuing engagement with audiences.


9. Post for Rent

All-in-one solution for all players in influencer marketing. Comprehensive selection, less administration, easy discovery, transparent pricing.

Innovation in influencer data analytics & campaign management solutions

  • Big Data Analytics
    Get an accurate picture showing the demographics of the follower base for your selected influencers.
  • Campaign & Talent Management
    All-round solution for brands, agencies and talent managers to manage their entire workflow, payments and reporting.
  • Influencer App
    The easiest way to work with brands and power up your social media routine every day while getting paid in 3 business days.


10. Fourstarzz Media

Leading Influencer Marketing platform for small & medium sized businesses and digital agencies. Get access to our self-serve platform. Search our inventory of more than 750,000 creators and find nano-, micro-, macro-influencers as well as celebrities & athletes. Filter your results based on demographics, location, language, interests, reach, engagement, post value and more. You are in control, as you directly communicate and negotiate with your influencers.

Search influencers by keyword. Filter your results based on demographics, location, language, interests, reach, engagement, post value, and more.

Create and update influencer lists. Add and remove influencers. Monitor projected campaign results using our dynamic campaign dashboard. Reach out directly to the influencers and negotiate your collaboration.

Stay on top of your Influencer campaign. Control campaign progress by using our in-app campaign tracking tool.

Design powerful influencer campaigns. See recommendations on influencers, channels, content format, and more.


11. Heepsy

Use Heepsy to find influencers according to specific filters, analyze their profiles and reach out to them.

Heepsy is the best influencer search tool out there. At Heepsy, we strive to provide our clients with a search tool that’s accurateuser-friendly and affordable. We work hard to connect businesses with the world’s top content creators by providing them with insightful metrics.

Heepsy is a tool designed to facilitate companies’ influencer searches, through a platform that allows them to reach the influencers that best suit their needs. Our passion for influencer marketing means that we provide our customers nothing but the highest quality search tool, which is guaranteed to meet their needs and keep them satisfied.


12. FameBit

Our focus for the past three years has been on supporting and driving revenue to creators, providing measurable campaigns for brands, and reaching viewers with authentic content – and we’ve built unique, industry-first features within our full service offering to support each of these goals.

On the creator side, we’ve developed insights-based matchmaking tools that allow for equal access to branded content deals for any eligible creator. We’re democratizing the opportunity for a creator to partner with a brand based solely on their effectiveness in reaching and influencing the campaign’s target consumer audience.


13. Pitchbox

Pitchbox allows you to find influencers in your niche in a matter of seconds. Integration with top SEO providers, such as Moz, Majestic, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and LRT ensure that you only pull back the most authoritative publishers

Save hundreds of hours each month while being in total control of your messaging. Customize each outreach email to your target opportunities, without manual input, and automatically follow up with prospects who haven’t responded, boosting response rates ~62% on average.

Track each step of the outreach process, from broad strategy down to campaign and user specifics. Using Pitchbox’s white-labeled Management, Client, and Team reports, managers and team members alike can refine their outreach strategy to optimize efficiency and maximize results.


14. GroupHigh

GroupHigh is an essential content marketing tool that allows you to quickly find any Influencer or blogger’s contact information. Research social and blog posts, and build targeting outreach lists.

Research influencers who have a loyal and engaged audience in order to filter out fake and misleading influencer profiles.

Discover influencers in any niche: “long-tail,” “micro,” or otherwise. With more search filtering capabilities than any other influencer search, GroupHigh will assist you with building the perfect list of quality influencers for your next campaign.

GroupHigh  import automates the research and collection of more than 50 social, seo, blog, website, and content statistics in seconds which allows you to make intelligent decisions on who to reach out to.

With GroupHigh 8’s Tracker feature you can also import website, blog, and social content URL’s to build a report of your content’s engagement, shares, clicks, and links.


15. Klear

With the smartest influencer discovery tool on the market, you can easily identify influencers by category and location.
Advanced filters allow you to focus by influence tier, social channel, audience demographics, niche topics and more.

Klear is able to match brands with the most relevant creators for their audience, across the leading social networks.

Find influencers that fit your target audience and brand values, by topics, locations and much more. No match is off-limits.

Klear’s discovery capabilities are 2X more targeted than any other tool on the market. Advanced filters allow you to sift through profiles and focus on those who are relevant for your brand. Klear discovery works for you, not the other way around.


16. BrandSnob

BrandSnob’s Influencer Marketplace helps brands find trusted influencers ready to share their brand’s story through posts and beautiful content. Simply post what you’ll pay for insta-stories or content and within minutes offers will start rolling in from our global influencer community.

BrandSnob gives you immediate access to hundreds of brands waiting for your creativity. Control how you collaborate…make offers, receive product and get paid to create original content for brands you love.



17. NeoReach

NeoReach provides data, software, and agency services for leading brands and Global Fortune 500’s

Best-in-class Influencer search, management, and tracking with enterprise-grade analytics make it easy to build influencer relationships and create effective campaigns at scale.

Find & manage talent with easy search features.

Coordinate each step of your campaign fulfillment process.

See what’s working and what isn’t with intuitive analytics.

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