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Branch Metrics

Branch Metrics is a dynamic and linking cross-platform trusted by 40,000 of the world’s top ranked mobile companies. Some of the known brands like Pinterest, Airbnb, BuzzFeed and GoEuro integrate th.. View Profile


Statcounter is a feature filled click fraud software developed to assist SMEs and startups for hassle free business growth. In this software, end-to-end solutions are specially developed for web apps .. View Profile


Click cease is one of the known top notch software for click fraud protection and detection. It enables advertisers to put a stop on google ads click fraud and restrict the invalid clicks to have a co.. View Profile


Traffic Guard has PPC protection which provides effortless protection to all types of businesses in their Google Ads campaigns from getting affected by click fraud. It helps to save time and effort wi.. View Profile

Spider AF

Now detect, block, and stop any digital ad fraud from fake installs and clicks. The software builds partnerships with the networks, advertisers, SSP, and publishers. This software aims at giving its c.. View Profile

PPC Protect

A fully automated and hyper scalable click fraud protection software PPC Protect is driven by cybersecurity rather than Adtech. You can benefit from the expertise of their account managers and keep yo.. View Profile


Adjust is probably the first mobile measurement partner to release a preventative solution against mobile ad frauds. Only Adjust has the facility to prevent the different types of click frauds that wa.. View Profile


Clixtell was designed as a simple and convenient tool for all businesses and agencies. This software can monitor every PPC click by 100 data points. The superior neural network immediately finds out i.. View Profile


ClickGAURD is an advanced click protection software that was designed to stop any money-wasting clicks, boost campaign conversions and maximize the PPC ROI. With nearly 50+ fully integrated features, .. View Profile

Traffic guard

The Traffic guard PPC protection makes it simple for businesses to protect their Google ads campaigns from any kind of Click fraud. Setting up the same is easy and a matter of minutes. The Traffic Gua.. View Profile