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Why Small Business Should Spend More On SEO

Why Small Business Should Spend More On SEO
  • Are you running a small business and think SEO is a costly affair?
  • Do you think SEO for your site cannot beat the big branded sites?

Although a considerable budget for SEO offers significant benefits to big businesses, it does not indicate that small businesses with lower budget for SEO cannot win the race. What is actually required in huge amounts is not money but a properly targeted strategy to fetch maximum traffic for your site. It is possible to do so irrespective of the scale of business or size of the budget.

In the upcoming years, businesses with their own sites are likely to enjoy over 30 percent more sales as compared to those that do not have an online presence. This is the major persuading factor for small business to go for SEO instead of just sitting by launching a site, as more and more customers now prefer buying products online. After all, it is SEO that is going to bring them customers! Therefore, here are some more reasons that easily convince small business to optimize their sites!

24×7 Availability

As an offline business, the selling operations are usually time-bound. However, most business owners usually dream of making money even when they are sleeping. This is now possible via a website that has good ranking for being seen in the initial search result pages of Google at any time. Good ranking is only possible via good SEO. Therefore, an optimized site welcomes more customers even at midnight.

Furthermore, both old and promising customers can access your site from their tablets and smart phones, if you optimize it for mobile devices as well. With over 100% increase in the number of people accessing sites from mobile devices, you are bound to increase the number of visitors becoming leads.

Reduced Traditional Advertizing Costs

Before the advent of Internet, small business had newspapers, banners, magazines, and TV as the only means to reach out to people. However, the cost of advertizing through these mediums is certainly hefty. Further, there are restrictions in terms of ad size as well. For example, a TV ad does not usually run more than half a minute. In this much time, it is certainly a problem to fit as much as you wish.

Although a newspaper ad is cheaper, it is usually too small to be noticed. Talking about the banners and fliers, just imagine the pain of printing several papers and reaching out to different groups of people at different times. Along with money, you are also giving away lots of time and efforts here. However, having a Website eliminates all these problems without any big investment!


A trustworthy brand is what a customer will always prefer. While it is time consuming to prove your authenticity offline, it is quick and easy to do so online. This is because of the location display in the map, customer testimonies, expert reviews, and videos that confirm the legitimacy of a small business site.

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