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20 AI Prompt Generators That Offer Different Output Formats

In the ever-changing terrain of artificial intelligence, prompt generators have emerged as indispensable assets, playing a pivotal role in various creative endeavors.

These innovative tools seamlessly blend artistic expression with advanced AI capabilities, leveraging cutting-edge algorithms to curate distinctive prompts that serve as catalysts for creativity and innovation.

Whether in the realm of crafting unique art styles or generating engaging text ideas, AI prompt tools have become integral to the workflows of both seasoned professionals and aspiring novices.

By facilitating streamlined processes and infusing projects with flair and originality, these tools contribute significantly to the ever-expanding domain of AI-driven creative exploration.

AI Prompt Generators Tools

1. Midjourney Prompt Generator:

A versatile and free tool designed to ignite your creative spark. It achieves this by generating prompts that fuel your imagination and can be transformed into captivating visual imagery. The key to its power lies in breaking down your input into smaller units called tokens, which are then compared to its vast training data to craft images that align with your prompt.

Effective prompt creation is crucial for getting the most out of this tool. Midjourney offers valuable tips, including specificity, word economy, attention to context, and the use of collective nouns or specific numbers to enhance the quality of the generated visuals.

For users seeking more control over the image content, advanced prompts and parameters are available. These enable you to exclude specific elements, providing fine-tuning options to cater to your preferences.

To make the most of the Midjourney experience, it’s advisable to be as specific as possible in your prompts, experiment with different word combinations, embrace surprise while considering potential trade-offs, and think about the context and details you wish to see in your generated image.

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2. Promptheus:

A convenient Chrome Web Store extension that empowers users to engage with ChatGPT through voice input, eliminating the need for manual typing. With a simple press of the spacebar, users can engage in natural, real-time conversations with ChatGPT, fostering faster and more fluid interactions compared to traditional text input methods.

It’s essential to emphasize that all voice processing occurs directly within the browser, ensuring user privacy and security. No audio recordings or data are transmitted or stored anywhere outside of the ChatGPT chat window, guaranteeing a confidential and protected user experience.

Promptheus goes the extra mile by providing intelligent features. Voice activation is automatically triggered when the text input bar is not in focus, enhancing user convenience. Additionally, a handy extension button located in the top right corner opens ChatGPT in a pop-up window, enabling users to access it seamlessly while browsing various online content.

The developer has committed to a strict policy of not collecting or utilizing user data, preserving privacy and trust. Reviews of the extension are rife with praise, particularly highlighting the accuracy and speed of the speech-to-text conversion.

3. Prompt Journey:

A specialized prompt generator tool that harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT-4. It is tailored for use within the Midjourney Discord channel, offering users a seamless way to create unique and high-quality prompts for their creative projects. The tool simplifies the process by allowing users to describe their project, and in response, ChatGPT-4 generates a custom prompt that perfectly aligns with their needs.

Once the generated prompt is copied and pasted into the Midjourney Discord channel, users can proceed with their creative endeavors. Prompt Journey is accessible for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, providing a user-friendly experience with an intuitive interface.

4. PromptoMANIA:

AI-powered art prompt generator designed to assist users in creating intricate and visually striking images. This online tool is completely free and accessible to anyone. It’s primarily intended for use with supported text-to-image models such as CF SPARK, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

One of the standout features of promptoMANIA is its user-friendly prompt builder. It allows you to construct a clear and detailed vision for the image you want to generate. You can input specific details, reference individuals, objects, and locations, enabling you to fine-tune the generated artwork according to your creative preferences.

The tool offers a Grid Splitter feature, which is particularly useful when working with an index image from Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. This feature can break down an index image into individual pictures, providing more control and versatility in handling the generated images.

5. Chat Prompt Genius:

A cutting-edge and user-friendly web application that harnesses the power of GPT technology to generate top-notch prompts and content ideas for chatbot interactions.

By sifting through extensive data, Chat Prompt Genius excels at crafting exceptional prompts, saving content creators valuable time and streamlining the content generation process. Its design is both intuitive and customizable, making it accessible even for novice content creators, providing an efficient means to produce high-quality content rapidly.

Using Chat Prompt Genius is a breeze. Users merely need to input a query or keyword relevant to the content they wish to generate prompts for. The app, in turn, generates prompts that are not only engaging but also tailored to current industry trends and industry-specific insights, guaranteeing unique and captivating conversations.

Chat Prompt Genius empowers users to seamlessly integrate the generated prompts into their chatbot conversations on the platform. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of applications, catering to chatbot developers, marketers, and bloggers alike.

6. Just Prompts:

A valuable tool designed to enhance user-generated prompts by introducing an innovative feature called Additive Prompting. This unique functionality is specifically crafted to elevate the quality of outputs generated by AI, resulting in more precise and meaningful responses.

The brains behind Just Prompts are two developers, known as @NickFloats and @SanxRoz. To utilize this tool, users need to obtain an API key, a process facilitated through the OpenAI platform’s account page. With this API key in hand, Just Prompts allows users to take their prompt-based interactions to a higher level by infusing additional context and nuance into their inputs. The Additive Prompting feature represents an advanced approach to prompt creation, empowering users to elicit more accurate and diverse responses from AI models.

Although the specific AI models supported by the tool are not explicitly mentioned, it’s reasonable to assume that Just Prompts is tailored to collaborate with OpenAI’s models, as evidenced by the API key requirement.

7. Easy Prompt:

A forward-thinking AI-powered tool designed to enhance user interactions within the Web3 ecosystem. It operates as a Telegram chatbot that leverages the capabilities of GPT technology to facilitate more effective and efficient conversations, ultimately leading to results that can be up to 10 times better.

One of the standout features of Easy Prompt is its provision of smarter AI with improved prompts. This translates to users being able to unlock the full potential of AI without necessitating a high level of expertise. By offering enhanced AI-generated prompts, the tool aims to eradicate the use of ineffective or suboptimal prompts, making it significantly easier for users to engage with the Web3 ecosystem and attain better outcomes.

Easy Prompt doesn’t just stop at providing the chatbot service; it also equips users with valuable resources such as a whitepaper, a blog, and documentation. These resources empower users to get started with the tool and stay up to date with the latest developments in the Web3 environment.

This chatbot can be accessed through Telegram, providing users with personalized prompts tailored to their specific needs. It’s a user-friendly solution that streamlines interactions with AI tools, making it accessible even to individuals with minimal or no prior experience in working with such technologies.

8. PromptExtend:

A versatile AI Art Prompt generator tool that empowers users to expand and enhance their initial prompts into more intricate and detailed art prompts. This tool proves particularly beneficial when working with AI art creation platforms like, midjourneyAI, nightcafe, and starryai. It serves a range of purposes, including acting as a midjourney prompt generator, random art idea generator, art topic generator, concept art idea generator, painting prompts generator, random art prompt generator, and drawing ideas generator.

Users can employ it without the need for sign-ups or installations. All they have to do is input the core concept of the artwork they are planning, and the tool generates 8-10 relevant and expanded prompts. With a convenient “copy” button next to each prompt, users can effortlessly copy the content to their clipboard and paste it into their preferred AI art generation platform.

This tool is both free and compatible with all devices and operating systems, making it exceptionally user-friendly. PromptExtend serves as a valuable resource for artists seeking to explore the creative potential of AI in art, experiment with diverse approaches and techniques, and gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities and constraints of AI-driven art tools. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that opens up new horizons for artistic expression through the synergy of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

9. Prompt Hunt:

An all-encompassing platform designed for users to engage with AI art in a seamless and creative manner. With this platform, users gain the power to swiftly generate professional-level images in mere seconds, encompassing a wide spectrum of themes, styles, and perspectives.

The platform boasts an extensive collection of over a hundred diverse styles to select from, including vector illustrations, soft color palettes, isometric perspectives, and the atmospheric golden hour setting. Users can readily access popular themes like “Big Stille Style” and the “RPG Asset Generator.”

Prompt Hunt offers a rich array of visual elements, such as 3D avatars, D&D character portraits, adorable animal stickers, abstract 3D wallpapers, isometric plant illustrations, line logo marks, male portrait depictions, tropical graphics, action figures, simple icons, tarot cards, and vibrant pixel art icons.

This platform provides users with a user-friendly interface and a treasure trove of creative possibilities. It simplifies the process of generating, exploring, and sharing AI art, making it accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts and artists looking to unlock their creative potential.

10. WNR.AI:

An innovative AI tool crafted to streamline the process of generating prompts using AI templates. These templates serve as powerful tools to transform basic inputs into sophisticated prompts, enabling users to obtain high-quality, reliable outcomes from AI systems.

The unique feature of these templates is their versatility. They can be saved, shared, and reused, making them adaptable for a wide array of applications. WNR.AI provides templates across multiple categories, including product management, company/strategy, investor tools, marketing/public relations, and superpowers. These templates are inspired by renowned companies and influential figures like Y Combinator (YC), Sequoia, and Asana.

WNR.AI harnesses artificial intelligence to dissect and process unstructured or messy text provided by users. With a simple press of a button, it transforms this raw text into refined, high-quality content. The tool is capable of handling various types of text, whether it’s lengthy, concise, disorganized, or derived from typing, copy-pasting, or voice dictation.

The outcomes generated by WNR.AI can serve diverse purposes, including crafting emails, constructing persuasive sales pitches, composing engaging social media posts, producing insightful articles, organizing to-do lists, preparing status reports, developing pitch decks, creating slide decks, and much more.

ai prompt generators Tools11. PromptChainer:

A robust tool that empowers users to effortlessly construct intricate AI-driven workflows. This tool provides a visual flow builder that seamlessly combines AI with traditional programming, allowing users to string together prompts and models to create intricate sequences.

It proves especially valuable for managing AI-generated insights on a large scale with ease. With PromptChainer, users can fashion customized workflows using pre-designed templates and code libraries, enabling them to focus on achieving their business objectives. The tool offers an array of features and benefits to unlock the potential of AI-driven workflows.

At its core, the visual flow builder facilitates the design, prototyping, and deployment of complex AI-powered workflows through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. The versatile node library comprises various types of nodes, including action, conditional, variable, output, and code nodes, offering the flexibility to craft tailor-made flows to suit specific requirements.

PromptChainer supports seamless API integration, connecting to external services and APIs, thereby broadening the capabilities of these workflows. Its user-friendly database simplifies the operations of these flows, allowing for the smooth import and export of results.

PromptChainer accommodates multi-model integration, harnessing the capabilities of various AI models available on platforms like HuggingFace and Kaggle. This flexibility empowers users to create resilient and versatile applications.

The tool includes pre-built templates, which serve as valuable starting points for projects, efficiently addressing common use cases and challenges. All in all, PromptChainer is a powerful resource for simplifying the orchestration of AI-powered workflows and achieving intricate tasks with ease.

12. Prompt Storm:

A Chrome extension that serves as an AI prompt engineering tool, thoughtfully designed to enhance the user experience with ChatGPT. It offers a user-friendly interface and a rich collection of expertly crafted prompts that are compatible with both ChatGPT 3 and 4.

With just a few clicks, users can swiftly generate high-quality content for writing, marketing, and social media strategies. It caters to individuals looking to expand their knowledge in various subjects, boost productivity, accelerate project development, and obtain expert guidance across a wide range of topics.

The tool presents an extensive array of prompts that can be applied for diverse purposes, including writing articles, blogs, and even coding. It promises to enhance productivity and knowledge by simplifying the process of responding to prompts, eliminating the need to navigate the complete ChatGPT interface.

Prompt Storm provides additional features to help users become proficient in utilizing ChatGPT effectively. This software extension is readily available for download from the Chrome Web Store.

13. Promptify:

AI-driven tool meticulously crafted to assist writers and creative individuals in discovering inspiration for their work. It specializes in generating visually captivating prompts, which can serve as a wellspring of ideas for brainstorming, writing, and other creative endeavors.

The primary objective of Promptify is to empower writers to overcome creative hurdles and foster unique ideas. It achieves this by offering on-demand creative prompts, enabling users to find the inspiration they need when they need it.

Promptify provides a user-friendly interface, allowing users to seamlessly log in, register, and navigate the tool. A key feature is the input box, with a character limit of 200, where users can enter their initial ideas or thoughts. The prompt generator then deploys various algorithms to craft creative prompts that are not only visually appealing but also tailored to the user’s input.

While the exact algorithm utilized for generating these prompts isn’t explicitly detailed, Promptify’s developers are prepared to offer more specific information about their technology upon request.

14. GPT Prompt Engineer:

The public GitHub repository, “mshumer/gpt-prompt-engineer,” is associated with a project titled “GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER.” This repository has garnered significant attention from the GitHub community, amassing 793 stars and 65 forks, indicating a considerable level of interest and engagement.

The available information suggests that this repository is actively maintained, as evidenced by recent commits made by the user “mshumer” on July 10, 2023. These commits primarily involve updates to the file. Unfortunately, the provided text doesn’t furnish specific insights into the project’s functionality or its purpose.

GitHub, being a widely used platform for version control and collaborative software development, provides a range of features, including code hosting, code review, issue tracking, and tools for collaboration. It’s apparent that the “GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER” project takes advantage of these GitHub features.

15. Steamship:

A versatile AI tool designed to empower users in building and hosting Auto-GPT and Baby-AGI projects. With custom tools and memory capabilities, it allows users to launch Vercel sites equipped with chatbots capable of answering questions extracted from PDF documents.

Utilizing basic Python knowledge and a Steamship API key, users can undertake AGI-related tasks efficiently. The tool provides a platform for users to engage in AGI projects and offers the option to join a dedicated Discord channel for experimentation and collaboration.

One notable feature of Steamship is its Auto GPT, which enables users to effortlessly create private bot instances by following instructions to connect with Telegram. These bots come fully equipped with the necessary tools and memory for immediate hosting, with users receiving live updates.

Steamship offers various product options, including packages, plugins, workspaces, and comprehensive documentation, catering to diverse project needs.

The tool provides multiple build options, including Prompt APIs, LangChain Apps, and Embedding APIs, broadening its applications in AI development. Legal policies such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Copyrights are accessible on the tool’s website.

16. PromptPerfect:

It stands as an innovative prompt optimization tool, engineered to automatically refine prompts for a range of large language models (LLMs), large models (LMs), and LMOps.

This advanced tool is capable of optimizing prompts for various models, including ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, DALLE, and StableDiffusion. It not only offers customization options but also boasts an intuitive interface designed to simplify and streamline the prompt optimization process.

One key feature of PromptPerfect is its multi-goal optimization, allowing users to tailor prompt optimization to meet their specific requirements. Whether the aim is to achieve faster optimization, create shorter prompts, or fulfill any other specific objective, this tool accommodates diverse optimization needs.

PromptPerfect can optimize prompts in multiple languages, catering to a global user base. It provides API access to its AI engine, enabling seamless integration into various applications. The tool also facilitates the export of data in a common format, further enhancing its compatibility with external platforms.

PromptPerfect is particularly invaluable for prompt engineers, content creators, and AI developers seeking to enhance their prompts for ChatGPT and other prominent large language models. With its user-friendly interface and potent capabilities, it unlocks the full potential of LLMs and LMs, consistently delivering top-quality results.

17. ZenPrompts:

A dynamic tool meticulously designed to empower users in becoming expert prompt engineers while building their very own prompt portfolios. This robust platform provides a powerful prompt editor that facilitates the creation, refinement, testing, and sharing of prompts.

With ZenPrompts, users can engage in a unique feature that allows them to compare prompt outputs across various OpenAI models, enabling informed choices based on factors like quality, cost, and performance.

The tool offers a clean and minimalist platform for users to showcase their prompt portfolios, focusing on the core of their creativity. The user-friendly interface ensures that their prompt engineering skills take center stage.

ZenPrompts adds a layer of convenience by allowing users to experiment with prompts without the risk of losing previous work. It facilitates the process of perfecting prompts by enabling the creation of multiple versions and easy switching between them. Sharing crafted prompts with friends, family, colleagues, and followers is made effortless, thanks to simple sharing options and built-in collaboration features that expand the reach of creative ideas.

In a bid to streamline prompt creation, ZenPrompts introduces the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) method, harnessing dynamic variables in prompts to ensure clean and efficient prompt structures by reducing redundancy.

The tool supports documentation by enabling users to add comments to their prompts. This feature preserves development insights, streamlines future modifications or reproductions, and keeps prompts organized and intelligible for reference.

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18. Promptmakr:

A dedicated platform tailored for Prompt Engineers seeking to effortlessly generate and share an unlimited array of AI art prompts, and the best part is, it’s completely free. The platform furnishes a user-friendly interface that empowers engineers to curate their repository of high-quality prompts with ease.

This feature-rich platform provides an extensive selection of pre-designed prompts, catering to a wide range of themes and styles. Users can explore prompts that span scenarios like “lots of people in front of a military vehicle,” “food distribution,” “apocalyptic,” “chaos,” “foggy,” “fantastic backlight,” and much more. These prompts offer rich and diverse creative inspirations.

Promptmakr extends an invitation to its Discord server, promoting collaboration and fostering a community of like-minded individuals. It’s also worth noting that the platform has garnered recognition by being featured on Product Hunt, adding to its credibility and popularity.

19. Fusion:

AI tool that introduces a versatile prompt generation feature with applications across various domains. This tool equips users with the ability to swiftly create prompts that find utility in creative writing, brainstorming, and idea generation.

The prompts generated through Fusion are seamlessly saved to the clipboard, ensuring quick and convenient access for utilization in diverse projects. Fusion’s prompt generation relies on advanced AI algorithms that meticulously analyze user inputs and, in response, produce prompts that are not only unique but also thought-provoking, thus inspiring innovative thinking.

With a user-friendly interface, Fusion prioritizes ease of use, making it accessible to individuals, regardless of their technical expertise. It strives to ensure that users can navigate and harness its capabilities with simplicity.

Fusion also features a case study component that provides real-world examples, demonstrating how the tool’s prompt generation feature can effectively elevate creativity and productivity in practical scenarios.

Fusion has received recognition by being featured on Product Hunt, a platform known for spotlighting new and innovative products, adding to its appeal and credibility as a valuable tool for prompt generation and creative exploration.

20. Optimist:

An AI tool thoughtfully crafted to simplify and enhance the process of crafting effective prompts. This tool is engineered with the specific goal of aiding users in writing prompts more efficiently, catering to individuals of all skill levels and alleviating the complexities often associated with prompt creation.

Optimist’s hallmark feature lies in its capacity to empower users to construct dependable prompts by harnessing the power of advanced AI technologies. It is equipped to identify areas within a prompt that might be unclear or ambiguous, offering valuable suggestions to enhance clarity and precision. This contributes to the generation of consistent and accurate results, a crucial aspect in numerous industries and applications.

Optimist extends an invitation for users to join a waitlist, indicating its potential as a new or emerging tool in the field. This underscores its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in assisting users in their prompt-writing endeavors.


In the wide expanse of AI-driven prompt generators, these innovative tools represent a diverse array of capabilities, catering to various creative, conversational, and optimization needs.

From Midjourney’s visual prompts and the conversational efficiency of Promptheus to the specialized Prompt Journey for ChatGPT-4 and the versatile features of PromptoMANIA, users can explore a plethora of options to spark inspiration and streamline their creative processes.

Whether it’s Easy Prompt simplifying Web3 interactions, Just Prompts elevating AI responses, or the visual richness of Prompt Hunt, each tool adds a unique dimension to the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

As the field evolves, offerings like PromptExtend, Prompt Hunt, and WNR.AI enhance artistic exploration, while tools like PromptChainer and PromptPerfect contribute to the orchestration and optimization of AI workflows.

Whether you’re a writer seeking inspiration with Promptify, a prompt engineer utilizing ZenPrompts, or an AI enthusiast exploring repositories like GPT Prompt Engineer, these tools collectively showcase the dynamic potential of AI in various domains, promising continued innovation and efficiency in the ever-expanding realm of AI-generated prompts.

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