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20 Best AI Spreadsheet Assistant Tools For Enhanced Efficiency

Best AI Spreadsheet Assistant Tools

In today’s fast-paced world, managing and analyzing data efficiently is essential for businesses and individuals. Spreadsheets have been vital in this process for years. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), they have become even more powerful and user-friendly.

This blog has compiled a list of 20 AI-powered spreadsheet assistants that can help you streamline your data-related tasks. These tools help to increase productivity and make data analysis a breeze. They can simplify complex calculations, automate repetitive tasks, and provide valuable insights from your data.

Whether you’re a seasoned spreadsheet pro or just getting started, these AI-powered tools are here to make your life easier and your data more manageable.

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Best AI Spreadsheet Assistant Tools

ai spreadsheet tools1. ExcelFormulaBot

Excelformulabot is an AI-powered tool that generates Excel formulas from plain text instructions, offering compatibility with both Excel and Google Sheets. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the formula creation and comprehension. Also, the built-in cost calculator helps users gauge time-saving benefits.

This tool is entirely free, making its powerful features accessible to all. It suits data analysts, business professionals, students, and educators; Excelformulabot helps make data manipulation and analysis more efficient.

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2. Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI is an important copilot tool for Google Sheets, making data handling a breeze. Its features include text commands for intuitive interactions, context-aware formula recommendations for better insights, and versatile data cleaning and scraping capabilities.

It finds application among data analysts for efficient data processing, business professionals for enhanced productivity, and researchers. Arcwise AI is an innovative, user-friendly solution for Google Sheets users, promising a more efficient and insightful experience when working with data.

3. SheetGod

SheetGod is an AI-powered tool that translates plain English into complex Excel formulas. With SheetGod, you can create macros and regular expressions and automate everyday tasks. Moreover, it generates Google Appscript code snippets to streamline your manual work further.

You can say goodbye to Excel formula complexity and hello to productivity. Try SheetGod now and harness its transformative power for yourself.

4. GptExcel

GptExcel simplifies spreadsheet tasks using formulas, SQL queries, and script generation from plain language. Its strengths are no coding ease, multilingual support, and a free plan, offering convenience to users worldwide. However, it can struggle with intricate queries, lacks advanced feature compatibility, and imposes query limits on free users.

Though compatible with Excel and Google Sheets, it lacks API integration, error management, version tracking, and history features. GptExcel excels in generating formulas, SQL queries, and scripts and is a valuable tool for streamlining data workflows.

5. Luminal

Luminal’s standout features encompass swift data processing and end-to-end solutions covering cleaning, analysis, and visualization. It also provides robust handling of large files with up to 1 million rows and a steadfast commitment to data security.

API integration enhances Luminal’s utility, enabling seamless product integration and facilitating user interaction with data through natural language. Data analysts can use this tool to streamline their workflows and teams to bolster efficiency.

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6. Nextatlas

Nextatlas is a tool that harnesses advanced natural language processing and machine learning to analyze vast datasets. It has a remarkable ability to understand and interpret human language, responding with precision. The tool’s strength lies in predicting future trends across diverse industries, which comes from its exceptional data analysis capabilities.

Users benefit from a customizable dashboard offering real-time updates on trends and insights. Nextatlas caters to multiple sectors, from marketing and fashion to finance and healthcare. It also facilitates informed decision-making and strategy development.

7. FormulaChatGpt

The FormulaChatGpt uses AI-powered algorithms to convert text instructions into precise Excel and Google Sheets formulas. This tool saves valuable time and enhances data accuracy, reducing the errors in formula creation. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to all users, regardless of their coding or programming skills.

The tool is compatible with major spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. It streamlines workflows, increases efficiency, and handles everything from basic arithmetic to intricate functions.

8. Graphy HQ

Graphy HQ is a formidable AI-powered ally for data enthusiasts. It offers insightful analysis of data, charts, and graphs through AI-generated insights. The tool helps users input their data into its chart generator, receiving customized summaries focusing on specific metrics or variables.

With its user-friendly interface, the tool provides help to users of all technical levels. Business analysts, marketing professionals, researchers, and sales teams can harness Graphy HQ to decipher trends, drive informed decisions, and excel in their tasks.

9. AutoQuery GPT

AutoQuery delivers significant time-saving and performance advantages. Its key features include Query Block and Query Excel options, enabling users to pose questions and save responses as files using their API keys.

The Query Blocks feature helps with simultaneous inquiry submission, streamlining interactions with ChatGPT. Meanwhile, its Query Excel feature expedites data access and management for enhanced efficiency. Users can save their responses in diverse formats, such as Excel, Word, Txt, and JSON.

Before Moving Forward…

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10. Vizly

Vizly automates the data analysis process, yielding valuable insights and constructing user-friendly dashboards. Using ChatGPT helps automate data visualization and extract insights from diverse datasets. Vizly’s strength lies in pattern and trend recognition, empowering users with automated insights for sound decision-making. It also simplifies the creation of intuitive dashboards that enhance data visualization and analysis.

Spreadsheet AI Tools11. ChartPixel

ChartPixel streamlines data analysis and presentation creation for users of all expertise levels. This tool offers instant visualization, transforming raw data into informative charts and concise insights. Its AI-driven data analysis simplifies complex data, tidying up messy datasets and suggesting meaningful features.

From data insights to visually striking PowerPoint presentations, ChartPixel converts your findings into compelling narratives. It also helps with web data integration, data visualization, smart insights, and stunning presentations.

12. EqualTo

EqualTo streamlines spreadsheet creation by integrating with EqualTo Sheets, a serverless spreadsheet technology. It uses the might of OpenAI and infuses interactivity, allowing the users to pose queries, offer prompts, and iteratively refine their spreadsheets. The detailed prompting ensures tailored results, while customization and refinement come naturally.

EqualTo saves time and eliminates manual labor, maintaining a standardized, organized spreadsheet format.

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13. Parallel GPT

ParallelGPT allows the users to streamline their ChatGPT query processing through batch processing in a user-friendly spreadsheet UI. It simplifies handling large datasets with bulk prompt imports from CSV or JSON files. Plus, its low-code environment offers customization and fine-tuning flexibility.

The tool allows teams to create powerful ChatGPT workflows together. Users can explore its features, including coding extensibility and templates, without an account in the live playground.


This tool is your ultimate time-saver for spreadsheet tasks. It helps in elevating your workflow efficiency and overall productivity. The tool automates various aspects of spreadsheet management, including text extraction from large datasets, efficient categorization, formula generation, and integration with ChatGPT.

Moreover, it takes care of cell formatting and other repetitive chores. Whether it’s data analysis, simplifying project management, generating reports, or enhancing research processes, this tool simplifies users’ work.

15. Flowshot

Flowshot redefines efficiency in Google Sheets workflows. It comes to features like autocomplete, AI-powered formulas, and image generation, and elevates productivity across the board. Autocomplete speeds up data entry with smart suggestions, while AI-powered formulas simplify complex calculations, ensuring precision.

Apart from that, Flowshot empowers the designers to craft intricate images based on instructions. Its versatile applications span data analysts, thus streamlining workflows.

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16. Kupiks

Kupiks is here to modify data entry work by automating the process through email parsing. It’s a versatile tool that caters to businesses and individuals dealing with various data types. The main features are AI-driven data entry automation and automatically extracting crucial data points from emails.

Its customization options provide flexibility to tailor the tool to individual user needs. Also, it can seamlessly integrate with platforms like Zapier, Trello, and Slack.

17. Neptyne

Neptune is a platform that transforms the utility of spreadsheets by converting them into dynamic application development environments. It operates in the cloud and facilitates real-time collaboration among users. A Python-based computation engine powers the tool and grants access to the extensive Python ecosystem.

Its AI capabilities simplify formula creation and complex calculations. Users can craft tailor-made data applications, import data from external sources, and create visually striking data dashboards. Developed by a seasoned team, Neptyne caters to businesses, collaborative teams, data professionals, and forward-thinking companies seeking to modernize spreadsheet-based workflows into scalable, AI-enhanced applications.

18. Parseur AI

Parseur is a game-changing solution that helps in data extraction from emails, PDFs, and other documents. Its user-friendly no-code point & click editor empowers users to create extraction templates. The document import is seamless, whether through direct uploads, email submissions, or Parseur’s API.

The extracted data can be instantly exported to Excel, Google Sheets, or numerous other applications. The tool can also integrate with platforms like Zapier, Power Automate, and Make.

19. reciTAL

reciTAL offers comprehensive document capture, categorization, and search capabilities for various documents and emails. It is designed to empower professionals seeking to automate complex document processing tasks. The key features include automated mail and document flow processing, information extraction, and efficient document database search functionality.

reciTAL has garnered praise from prominent organizations such as Crédit Agricole Technology & Services, AG2R LA MONDIALE, SEQUANTIS, and CACIB. These testimonials show time savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced precision achieved through the platform’s automation capabilities.

20. Excelly AI

Excelly-AI is an innovative text-to-Excel tool that simplifies the creation of powerful Excel formulas driven by the formidable GPT-3.5-turbo technology. The users can convert plain text into Excel formulas, with each formula accompanied by explanations for enhanced understanding.

Whether you’re a data analyst, financial professional, student, educator, or business expert, Excelly-AI helps generate formula, boosting efficiency and precision. Its compatibility with Excel, Google Sheets, and Slack integration makes it a versatile and accessible tool for users.

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Summing Up

In conclusion, the world of spreadsheets has transformed thanks to the advent of AI-powered tools. These solutions offer various benefits, changing how we work with data and boosting productivity. Some benefits of these AI spreadsheet tools are:

  • Time-Saving
  • Error Reduction
  • Effortless Data Extraction
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Customization
  • Insights Generation

With these AI tools, spreadsheet tasks are no longer complex but an opportunity to unlock the true potential of data-driven efficiency and innovation. These spreadsheet management tools stand to make your lives easier.

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