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Customer Loyalty Software

Customer loyalty software helps businesses to set up loyalty programs that reward their frequent and most faithful customers. These rewards can include gift cards, discount vouchers, and cashback. This drives repeat sales and increases customer lifetime value.

This software helps businesses create and manage loyalty programs, reward customers for their loyalty, and track the success of their loyalty programs.

Additionally, CRM features allow businesses to better understand their customers and target them with specific campaigns. Performance analytics give businesses insights into how their loyalty programs are performing and where they could be improved.


Preferred Patron Loyalty

You can run your own customer loyalty program now. It recognizes the customers for spends, visits, activities, and behaviors. You can also increase customer retention and foster growth. This is an adv.. View Profile

Higher Logic

Increase your customer loyalty with a platform where your customers can interact and engage. You can reward your dedicated customers and start advocacy through this online community. Use your customer.. View Profile

Loyal Zoo

Loyal Zoo allows small and medium-sized businesses to have their self-loyalty or memberships program easily. This application helps the companies in setting up a membership program and run it on their.. View Profile


NiceJob was built for B2C agencies and SaaS companies. It is the simplest way you can use to increase your customer loyalty and create advocates. The software tells you who your biggest fans are and f.. View Profile


A marketing automation solution, Referrizer, is created to help the businesses get new customers and manage their purchases, referrals, reputation, etc. This platform allows organizations to run drip .. View Profile


Repeat rewards are customer loyalty software that aims to take care of small businesses like restaurants, hardware stores, retail, pharmacies. You get all tools required to build a customer database a.. View Profile


Companies can use TapMango and make their own loyalty program. Reach out to customers through SMS or email marketing. Or get new customers through the referral system and online review boost. You can .. View Profile

Loyverse POS

Loyverse is a point of sale software that was created to help restaurants, bars, retail stores, cafes, and other institutions track the stock levels, issue receipts, print barcode labels, visualize th.. View Profile


ReferralCandy is cloud-based and helps stores of all sizes to take care of customer rewards. It promotes referral marketing programs on different digital platforms. The features of this software inclu.. View Profile

Tango Card

The Tango Card gives delivery technology to organizations operating in B2B space. Globally the enterprise companies use the technology to provide a detailed catalog of global and domestic e-gift cards.. View Profile